Getting My Fix: Stitch Fix Review 7

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I hope you all had a great Easter weekend! After filing out our wedding invitations, I drove back home to see my family. My Aunt hosted a wonderful Easter lunch and we did an adult egg hunt! We do not have really any little ones left, as our youngest is a senior in high school.. so we have morphed the egg hunt tradition to adults. We fill the eggs with scratch offs, burt’s bees goodies, mini alcohol bottles, dollars, one use face masks, candy and other fun treats then the host hides them. All of the adults have a blast looking for the eggs and getting some fun goodies too!

But anyway, I am back with another Stitch Fix! You all know I love these things and can wait for the next one. I have requested some of their new shoes in my next shipment! I can’t wait to see what they send ūüôā

1: Pixley Millie Textured Dress- Kept

PIXLEY-MILLIE-TEXTURED-DRESSThis was a instant keeper. I love the small honeycomb pattern in navy and white. It gives the dress a slightly nautical vibe! I also really like the mesh detail around the neckline. This jacket would be so adorable with a jean jacket and nude flats! I paired it with a red bubble necklace (similar) and red pointed toe flats (similar).

2: Papermoon Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse- KeptPAPERMOON-BASTILLE-TULIP-BLOUSE

This is such a great top for spring! It has an adorable sleeve detail that looks like a tulip, and the fabric is so light and airy. I was surprised at how flattering the color is on too! I paired it with dark jeans, the bracelets sent in this stitch fix shipment and a light blue statement necklace (similar).

3: 31 Bits Isla Medley Bracelet Set- Returned31BITS-ISLA-BRACELET-SET
I actually did like these little bracelets, but at a price tag of $38.00 for wooden bead bracelets…. I had to send them back. I felt like I could make these or find these for a way better price. I did love the bright colors though!

4: 41Hawthorn Rufus Crew Neck Blouse- Returned41HAWTHORN-RUFUS-CREW-NECK-BLOUSE

I kind of sort of regret returning this top… but not really. It looks so cute in the photos, but it was a weird scratchy material and it had a strange fit. It was rather large in the middle, but so tight around my hips. I did love the print and the black and white is right up my alley. I paired this top with a bold black and white statement necklace, jeans and black scallop flats from DSW.

5: Renee C Lyzbeth Crew Neck Top-ReturnedRENEE-C-LYZBETH-CREW-NECK-TOPThis was the first Stitch Fix item that I thought “Wow, I really don’t like that at all” even before I tried it on. Its a tad too boho for my own taste, I didn’t like the sleeveless tank style, and I really don’t like the way yellow looks on me. Even if I didn’t like the top, I paired it with a green army jacket and gold hoop earrings.

Well- thats my fix! I have to say this wasn’t my favorite of all fixes but I came out with a super amazing top and dress! If you want to check out Stitch Fix for yourself, click the link!

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Wedding Planning: The Final Stretch

Good Morning Loves!

I want to apologize for being missing in action over the last few weeks. We are less than a month away from the wedding any I am feeling stretched pretty thin. We are both so very excited for the day to finally be here, but in the mean time the blog has suffered. I will be taking a tiny step back from posting in the next few weeks in order to focus on getting the remaining wedding tasks done. For example, Brian doesn’t have a suit or wedding band yet… yikes! Remember my tips for planning a wedding in SIX months? Maybe I should have re-read my own post a few more times.


We decided to have a really small wedding (20 people on our guest list) because we wanted to be stress free and really be able to enjoy our own wedding. Funny thing is, I’ve been a little too relaxed about planning.. I’ve put a lot of important items off until the last minute. In the end I know it will all get done, and it will be a wedding that really reflects us as a couple. (I hope!)Ashley-Brian-Engagement-111

Photo by Lauren Nievod Photography

If you want to get caught up on the wedding action, feel free to read my posts:

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Wedding Planning: Navy & Blush Wedding Color Scheme

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Wedding Planning: Camp Theme Wedding Invitations

Thanks for being patient with me as I take such a huge and exciting step towards our future! I will still be posting between now and the wedding, but just not on a very consistent schedule. Our wedding is a three day event from May 10-12, 2016. I will be back right after to share photos, vendors, wedding DIY projects and my source list in the end of May ūüôā

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Wedding Planning: Camp Theme Wedding Invitations

Hello There!

Its been a while since I last shared some of my wedding planning… Over the last few months I’ve shared my wedding mood board and color scheme, our engagement photos,¬†our save the dates, my tips on planning a wedding in 6 months, and how to keep wedding costs down. We are officially 5 weeks out from the big day. Holy crap.

Today I wanted to share our camp themed wedding invitations. Yes, I know. You’re thinking “camping theme?! Where did that come from?” But yes! ¬†Let me break down some details of our big day so it will all make a clearer picture of what our wedding will be like, and why we did our wedding invitations this way ūüôāCamping-Wedding-Invitations

Wedding-Invatation-Package-Camp-WoodsOriginally Brian and I wanted to elope. However, my mom insisted that she needed to be there. Then eloping turned into a very small destination wedding with just our parents. Do you have any idea how much destination weddings cost these days? I almost fainted when the cheapest quote I got was $3,000.00 PER PERSON (not even including airfare to get there!) Destination wedding was quickly given the boot. Brian and I started to look into alternatives for a traditional wedding. We knew right away we wanted a very small guest list. The final guest count is 20 people including bride, groom and the photographers.

We needed to find a venue that would allow us to have a casual, small and fun wedding without breaking the bank. I looked into everything from farms to wineries- until I stumbled upon a great Pinterest idea… A Summer Camp Wedding. This couple rented out a kids summer camp, and had a laid-back wedding there. I was smitten¬†with the idea.

Fast forward a bit.. Brian and I have rented out an old campground turned eco-friendly weekend retreat that is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains just outside of the Shenandoah National Park.The property has a lake, two ponds, and amazing views.  The surrounding area is littered with wineries, breweries and amazing nature trails. We decided to rent out the entire property for two nights. The venue has 8 cottages and a two bedroom home on the property, where our guests will stay. We will all enjoy the outdoors, have bonfires and really enjoy spending some time with each other for our big day.

Now, we needed our invitations to reflect the casual camping style wedding we are having! Brian is an amazing graphic designer so he seemed like a pretty good guy for the job. DIY wedding invites are hard work. The fonts we used are Arial Narrow and Asterism.Wedding-Invite-Package-Camp

1- Back Of The RSVP Postcard: Our Guests can simply drop this right into the mailbox to let us know if they are coming. We pre-paid the postage so it would be super simple.

2- Front Of The RSVP Postcard: I love an RSVP in Postcard form. They can simply fill in their name, check a box and drop it in the mail. Its always easier to get an RSVP when it is super easy for the guest to do.

3- Calligraphy Pen in Size 10: I have the handwriting of a 10 year old boy. I always have, and I always will. If you do too, I highly recommend calligraphy pens to help mask the shaky penmanship.

4- Hand Stamped Tags: I ordered this super cute stamp from Etsy, and got navy ink from the craft store with these pre-made tags. This was a very simple way to combine all of the invitation items, and adds to the rustic laid-back vibe of the wedding. We also ordered the matching return address stamp for the back of the envelopes!

5- Front of the Information Card:¬†Our wedding is unique and needs a little explaining. It is three days long, held at a campground, and is actually on a Wednesday. We thought it was easiest to include a “info card” in the package to let the guests know we already paid for a cabin for them, they can bring a pet, and to expect a camp ground (aka don’t wear heels to the wedding, unless you hate yourself)

6- Map of the Grounds:¬†On the back of the information card is a map of the grounds. It helps show where the cabins are, where the bride and groom are staying, the lake, the ceremony field.. we just thought it was nice to show everyone the layout of the space. They actually own some 100 acres with intense hiking trails, but I wasn’t going to make Brian draw all of that!

7- Schedule of Events: Again, our wedding is unique and needs a little explaining. We opted to make a schedule that shows how the tree days will play out from check in to check out.

8- Navy & White Twine: I am using this cute twine in a few of my DIY projects for the wedding. I picked it up at Hobby Lobby for under $5.00. It was the perfect addition to tie the invitations together.

9-¬†Stamps:¬†I purchased these adorable fern leaf stamps from the post office. I love having more customized stamps to go with our “camp theme” and Brian will tell you how much I love ferns.

10- Brown Bag Envelopes: We made our invitations, then realized that the size really limited our envelope options. Brian might have killed me if I made him resize each piece, so I started searching high and low for a good option. These simple string & button brown bag envelopes are on Etsy, and were super affordable! (less than a $1 each!)

Wedding- Invatation-CampingWedding-Map-Camp-Woods

Wedding-Invatations-Camping-WoodsWhat do you think about our Camping Themed Wedding? Love it or hate it, either way I’d love to hear what you think! Leave a comment below! You can also check in on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook!

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Feature: Professional Design Work

Hello There,

Last week I did a design feature of one of my favorite homes I’ve ever designed called the Calahan Model at Miller & Smith’s Aspen North Community. This week I am going to share the “sister house” directly across the street! Now, because both of these homes are right across from one another, we wanted to make them feel very different. ¬†While the Calahan model was soft, rustic, natural and raw… The Silverton Model¬†¬†is modern, bold, playful and full of bright colors. We wanted this particular model to draw in the young families that would be buying in this area of Lake Linganore.¬†EXTERIOR-SILVERTON-MODERN-ACTUALLY-ASHLEY

While the design of the other model was exactly my personal taste, this floorpan and layout of this model was more of my style. The builder described the home as:

Drama meets versatility in this amazing new design with impressive transitional architecture that embraces the mid-century classic character found throughout Lake Linganore. The Silverton’s family foyer is the everyday entrance that WOWS with its walk-in closet and tons of room for hooks and cubbies to keep clutter to a minimum. An enormous great room and kitchen layout out soars with a 10’ ceiling and lots of windows and the optional corner bay expansion on the dining room takes space to a new level of perfection. Upstairs the design options are nearly limitless with multiple room configurations and even the standard layout enjoys a sumptuous master suite and 3 oversized secondary bedrooms plus spacious loft that can be an upstairs idea space or playroom.

Aspen North - House B 12-18-15STUDY-MODERN-ACTUALLY-ASHLEYsimilar hide rug // ottoman // similar pendant lightFAMILY-ROOM-MODERN-ACTUALLY-ASHLEYdesk // similar chair // coffee table KITCHEN-MODERN-ACTUALLY-ASHLEYsimilar barstool // pendant lights DINING-ROOM-MODERN-ACTUALLY-ASHLEY  light fixture // table // similar drapesAspen North - House B 12-18-15KIDS-PLAY-LOFT-MODERN-ACTUALLY-ASHLEYsimilar pod chair // similar white desk // similar desk chairMASTER-SUITE-BEDROOM-MODERN-ACTUALLY-ASHLEYdrapery // ottoman // tulips KIDS-BEDROOMS-MODERN-ACTUALLY-ASHLEY

teen boy bedding // girls wallpaper // twin boys closet systemAspen North - House B 12-18-15BASEMENT-REC-ROOM-MODERN-ACTUALLY-ASHLEYsimilar pool table // similar sectional // similar coffee tableDECK-OUTSIDE-MODERN-ACTUALLY-ASHLEY

Thats a wrap over on the Aspen North community! I am so thankful for Miller and Smith to allow me the chance to design both of these fun model homes. What did you think of them? Leave a comment below!

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Getting My Fix: Stitch Fix Review 6


I get all excited and giddy when I see a Stitch Fix box on the door step! There is nothing like the thrill on seeing what my stylist has got in store for me.. okay, so maybe I am easily excited. But, it still love when I get a shipment! If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix yet, get out from your rock and go try it!¬†Stitch Fix¬†is the first fashion retailer to blend expert styling, proprietary technology and unique product to deliver a shopping experience that is truly personalized for you… and I simply can’t get enough. Today I am reviewing my 6th shipment. If you need to catch up on the others here are the links: Stitch Fix 1,¬†Stitch Fix 2,¬†Stitch Fix 3,¬†Stitch Fix 4,¬†Stitch Fix 5. Here we go!

1: Kut From The Kloth Denna Skinny Jeans- KeptKUT-FROM-THE-KLOTH-DENNA-JEAN-ACTUALLY-ASHLEYHow did the stylist know that my old white jeans were looking.. tired. I had just donated the old pair about two weeks before this shipment! How perfect. I paired them with a paid top like this and this pearl necklace (on sale now!).

2: Papermoon Holleen Keyhole Blouse- KeptPAPERMOON-HOLLEEN-BLOUSE-ACTUALLY-ASHLEYI love the loose flowing material and bright spring colors in this top! I paired it with dark jeans and a navy blazer like this one. After these photos were taken, I wish I would have worn a dark colored tank top under it, and not the white! Oops!

3: Skies Are Blue Asa Blazer- KeptSKIES-ARE-BLUE-ASA-BLAZER-ACTUALLY-ASHLEYThis blazer reminds me of being on a yacht. I am never on a yacht, but I still like it. I paired it with a textured white top and jeans.

4: Lovapella Kallin Contrast Knit Top- KeptLOVEAPPELLA-KALLIN-CONTRAST-KNIT-TOP-ACTUALLY-ASHLEYThis one is perfect. It is a soft cotton material, and has a cute trim detail on the bottom. This would be so cute tucked into a skirt for spring!

5: Skies Are Blue Pillsbury Shoulder Detail Tunic-¬†KeptSKIES-ARE-BLUE-PILLSBURY-TUNIC-ACTUALLY-ASHLEYThis one was a tough one. I love the shape, color and should detail but the material.. meh. It is scratch and wrinkles so easily. I’m going to keep it and see how it goes!

Thats it for now! Stay in touch and leave a comment below! Be sure to check out¬†Stitch Fix¬†for yourself ūüôā Oh, and happy St. Patty’s Day friends!

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Feature: Professional Design Work

Good Morning Friends!

Some of you know that I work full-time as an Interior Designer in Washington, DC. If you didn’t before, I guess now you do! I absolutely love my job and really enjoy being creative with designs. My company, P [Four], specializes in designing model homes for builders in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland. When I am designing a model home, I design with the market and buyer in mind. What I would put into a one bedroom apartment in the city is not the same as a four bedroom single family in the suburbs. Designing to the area and market makes a huge difference in the builders sales. With that in mind, I typically am not designing a model to my own design astetic. Sometimes though, a model comes along that requires you to design it towards the same lines as my own tastes. I am so excited to share this design feature with you, because this model is just that. If I were to ever have the budget and time to design my own house exactly how I’d like it… this home would be my inspiration.CALAHAN-MODEL-HOME-EXTERIOR

The builder, Miller & Smith, is one of my favorite clients to work with. They trust my style and opinions which allows me to be much more creative than some of my other clients. This particular model, called The Calahan, resides in a beautiful area of Maryland called Lake Linganore. The builder describes the house as:

With over 2,900 square feet of space on the 2 upper levels, the Calahan perfects gracious yet comfortable family living. The generous rear great room connects with our gourmet kitchen and adjacent breakfast area. The formal dining room will take your breath away as it overlooks the foyer and has the opportunity for indoor/outdoor living as it expands onto the beautiful front balcony. There’s also a private study for quiet reading time or work-from-home needs. The masterful suite encompasses the entire rear of this home and offers dual walk-in closets while the 3 secondary bedrooms are immense with large closets. There are also many available options to customize these spaces to your lifestyle needs.

We wanted to speak to the buyer, who would be moving to the area because they love the indoor/outdoor lifestyle and wants a connection to nature. The area features tones of walking trails, lake style living and is surrounded by farm land beyond. With that in mind we wanted to show a relaxed rustic style in the design. Aspen North - House C

The main floor features a really nice open concept floorplan. Right from the front door you’re welcomed into the space with the view of¬†the study.OFFICE-STUDY-RUSTIC-ACTUALLY-ASHLEYrug¬†// similar bookcase // telescope

BIRD-DINING-ROOM-ACTUALLY-ASHLEY wallpaper // similar chair //chandelierRUSTIC-LIVING-ROOM-ACTUALLY-ASHLEYsimilar slipcover sofa // coffee table // faux plantRUSTIC-LIVING-ROOM-KITCHEN-ACTUALLY-ASHLEYRUSTIC-WHITE-KITCHEN-ACTUALLY-ASHLEYpendants // similar stools //similar wine barrels

Moving up to the bedroom level, we created the same sense of natural rustic elements to unify the house. We kept the color pallet neutral with a little pop of sage green to brighten the space and connect it with the outdoors.Aspen North - House CMASTER-BEDROOM-SUITE-ACTUALLY-ASHLEYsimilar bed // shoe mirror // similar bench

(We sourced each one of those antique shutters from flea markets as far away as North Carolina.. then I hand painted and white washed each on in my living room during that huge snow storm on the East Coast in January!)RUSTIC-BEDROOM-ACTUALLY-ASHLEYsimilar mirror // similar plaid bedding // similar bunk bed

(Side note: In the little boys bedroom we made custom nightstands out of rope ladders. We found these two old hot air balloon ladders in North Carolina in an antique store and mounted them to the ceiling! The photographer didn’t even take a single photo of them… side eye… thats what I get for being double booked the day of a photoshoot I guess! Luckly I shared this photo during the job install on Instagram)

Aspen North - House CRUSTIC-BASEMENT-REC-ROOM-ACTUALLY-ASHLEYsimilar sectional // scrabble board //media tv easel OUTDOOR-PATIO-DECK-ACTUALLY-ASHLEY

So, what do you think! Do you love this cozy rustic home as much as I do? Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.If you’re in the Maryland area check out this model and others like it from Miller & Smith at Aspen North. ¬†Be sure to check out my Facebook and Pinterest page to stay up-to-date on my upcoming projects!

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20 Spring and Easter Wreaths

Spring Wreath

Good Morning Friends!

I don’t know about you but I feel like after the Holidays, I never put a wreath back out on my front door.. Where we live in Virginia, there is just so much snow and yuckiness that anytime I have a wreath out from January-March it always gets… gross. I tend to leave my front door bare up until the first signs of spring have started. Guess what, its here! Yup, Spring is right around the corner, I can feel it. I saw my first little bits of flowers popping up in the flower beds, and it is supposed to be 70 degrees next week. Talk about a big jump from the snow we had last week… Either way, I’m more than ready for winter to be over.

I’ve rounded up my favorite 20 Spring Wreaths that are perfect for the transition to spring. Better yet, all of them you can buy online right now (or try a knock off DIY version!)

rustic-easter-wreath-with-nest-1-oPottery Barn’s Rustic Easter Wreath with Nest

1: I just love the simplicity of this Easter Wreath. The natural branches and various shades of green are perfect for this time of year, and the birds nest with baby blue eggs is just adorable! You can buy this wreath at Pottery Barn for just $59.00.


Horn’s Handmade’s Wildflower Wreath

2: This particullar wreath is great because it can easily transition from spring to summer! I just love the burlap bow, fern leafs and the bright colors of the wildflowers! You can purchase this wreath for $65.00 from Horn’s Homemade’s shop on Etsy.¬†

apple-blossom-wreathCrate & Barrel’s Apple Blossom Wreath

3: I work right across the river from Washington DC. On my drive home every spring, I look across to see the beautiful Apple Blossoms that DC has become famous for. Now, nothing says “spring has started” more than these beautiful pink blossoms. You can get this wreath from Crate & Barrel for $65.95.


The Little Green Bean’s Burlap Wreath

4: The Little Green Bean’s etsy store has a ton of adorable finds, like this cute Easter Wreath for just $36.00! I love the natural tons of the burlap contrasting with the orange and green from the carrots… and how cute is that little welcome sign??


Urban Florals French Garden Wreath by Wayfair 

5: Sometimes simplicity goes a long way for the facade of your home. I love this greenery paired with the black & white stripped bow. For only $42.99 you can add a touch of French Garden to your own front door.

il_570xN.851298101_k49jEver Blooming Original’s Bunny Wreath

6: Ever Blooming Original’s etsy store has hit the nail on the head with this super cute handmade¬†bunny wreath. With three sizes and about a dozen ribbon options, you can have your own for $39.00! What a great deal.

il_570xN.713734177_mzyrAniamelisa’s Spring Floral Wreath

¬†7: Ombre flowers, burlap bow and birch wood twigs?! I’m in love! There are multiple different flower color options and 9 ribbon choices for $89.00. It might be a little pricy, but how cute is the finished product!

il_570xN.930266189_f7enKeleas’ Easter Door Basket

8: For $49.99 Keleas has this super fun Easter Door Basket. I love incorporating carrots into my Spring Wreaths, and they have done just that. The polka dot burlap bow is perfection as well!il_570xN.727424654_fuuyHorn’s Homemade’s Tulip Wreath

9: Tulip’s are my dad’s favorite flower. My mom planted dozens of Tulip bulbs in her garden for him, and they will always remind me of my dad. I love how elegant this Tulip Wreath is! For $70.00 you can order one from Horn’s Homemade.¬†

il_570xN.823804193_5200Keleas’s Cotton Wreath

10: I just think this wreath is beautiful. It is $69.99 on Kelea’s etsy store, and in my own opinion it is worth every penny. I love this hint of green against the natural textures of the cotton buds. Who doesn’t love a pretty stripped ribbon as well!forsythia-wreath-oWilliam Sonoma’s Forsythia Wreath

11: I love the way yellow pops against my black front door. I have a similar version of this William Sonoma Wreath that I put out at the end of Spring every year! This online only wreath is $59.95.

il_570xN.490907148_3q83Elegant Wreath’s Square Boxwood Monogram

12: I am a sucker for a monogram. I am also a sucker for a square wreath. I love Elegant Wreath’s version! It is a little on the higher price side at $115.00 but you get to pick between several sizes and colors for the monogram cut out.

img45oWilliam Sonoma’s Pussy Willow Wreath

13: Again, sometimes simple is best when you have a lot going on on the front of your house. I picture this simple Pussy Willow Branch Wreath on a bold colored front door! This would pop so well on a baby blue or bold red! It can be your for $79.95.¬†il_570xN.723163693_jmm2Keleas’ Natural Bunny Wreath

14: Ferns will always be one of my favorite greens. They just have such a great color and texture! This Natural Bunny Wreath is $94.99 and come with the two tone burlap bow and adorable bristly bunny in the center!live-olive-dried-lavender-wreath-oPottery Barn’s Live Olive and Dried Lavender Wreath

15: If I had to take a guess, I’d bet this wreath smells amazing! At $89.00 over at Pottery Barn, you can have this natural olive and dried lavender beauty for yourself!IMG_4418-866x1024Create-Craft-Love’s Garden Hose Wreath

16: Create-Craft-Love gives us the step by step guide into making this simply ADORABLE wreath. With a trip to the craft or dollar store, you can have this simple garden hose wreath hanging on your front door by the end of the day. I love it!il_570xN.726943451_j3enElegant Wreath’s Tulip Bloom Wreath

17: This beauty comes with several color options in both the flowers and ribbon! Elegant Wreath has this custom made wreath priced at an even $100.00. As they say on the description- this would make such a great Mother’s Day gift! Great idea!il_570xN.704679340_8yv1Privileged Door’s Moss Letter Wreath

18: This adorable moss covered monogram letter wreath comes in 7 different sizes and is priced starting at $35.00. This would be a super cute DIY project, but why bother with a price like that?!

rain_boots_on_door2B3Home Made Modern’s Rain Boot Wreath
19: Home Made Modern cleaned up some old rain boots, added some faux flowers and tied them up with a bow for this super easy (and so cute) DIY project. Do you have some old kids rain boots that your going to toss? Send them my way ūüėČMixed-Berry-WreathKirkland’s Pastel Mixed Berry Wreath

20: For just $34.99 this pastel berry wreath is a steal. Kirklands offers a super easy and cute way to spring with this fun wreath!

What one did you like the best? Let me know in the comments below! Be sure to check out my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages to stay up to date. To see what I’ve been interested in this week, be sure to check out what i’ve been digging on over on Pinterest!Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 8.55.22 AMUntil Next Time,


Our Living Room In Progress

Good Morning Friends,

When we moved into this house, we moved in quick. Brian had owned this home for a few years before we even met, and had been using it as a rental property ever since. His tenant broke the lease, and we were stuck with an extra house.. We knew this one needed some TLC, so we decided to move into it and renovate. Since then, we’ve made steady progress- putting blood, sweat and tears into this place.

Sometimes we get so busy and far a head with projects that I forget to stop and fill you all in. I want todays post to back track a bit and let you see one of the “forgotten spaces”. When we moved in the living room had some weird issues. The flooring when you walk into the front door was a light colored hardwood. This came into the living room in a “hallway” shape, then transitioned into carpet. It was always strange to me that this large room had two different floors…¬†Other than that it needed some fresh paint and we’d be pretty decent!

We started over a year ago when we moved in. Brian immediately ripped up the old carpet and hardwood flooring.
IMG_4612Do you see that weird divide of the yellow hardwood and where the carpet was?!IMG_4629… and how about those pea green walls!
IMG_4721Bye Bye old gross carpet! While we ripped up the old stuff, we let the new stuff acclimate in the garage.IMG_4634

Once it was gone we laid the new hardwood from Home Depot.¬†¬†Boy, did that make a HUGE difference. After the flooring, we painted the entire room in Sherwin Williams Balanced Beige and the trim Sherwin Williams Pure White. I picked this color because it is that perfect grey/beige color that goes with virtually ANYTHING. To help finish off the space, we stained the stair railings to match the floor and painted the pickets to match the trim. This simple step really modernized the space. After the work was done and the dust had settled, we moved our old furniture in. This is defiantly a work in progress space. But the transformation so far is huge, so I had to share!Living Room Design Actually Ashley BlogsSimilar Sofas // Similar Rug // DIY Coffee Table // Green Pillows // Michael’s Gallery Wall Frames // Woven Basket Art
Living Room Design Actually Ashley Design BlogMedia Unit // Home Goods Chair // Antique Metal Side Table // Art- Photo Taken by Brian // Green Lumbar PillowLiving Room Design Actually AshleyHome Goods Black Side Table // Drapery // Hardwood
Living Room Design Actually Ashley Blog

Here is a sneak peak into the office! This is another “forgotten room” that I will share with you guys soon!


I will leave you with this… How the living room space is actually used on a day-to-day basis!

Be sure to follow my Instagram for some extra good stuff, and check out my Pinterest page to see what has been inspiring me!Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 8.55.22 AM

Until Next Time,


Wedding Planning: Save the Dates and Photo Books

Good Morning Loves!

This time last week, I was sharing our amazing engagement photos from the ever talented Lauren Nievod Photography.¬†We are seriously so please with how the photos turned out, we couldn’t be happier. On the wedding planning front, we are moving onto the graphic design of the wedding. We need save the dates, invitations, programs, site maps… you get the idea. First up, we need to send out those pesky save the dates. We decided to incorporate our engagement photos into the cards! I turned to the always amazing designs from Minted. I’ve used Minted once before for our Christmas cards this year, and I loved the way they turned out.¬†MIN-053-HPC_A_FRT¬†source

I decided to turn back to them when we were designing our Save The Date cards. I knew Minted had a large selection of wedding items, but I didn’t realize how many different options they had! Not only save the dates, but menus, programs, invitations, table numbers… you name it, they have it. We narrowed it down to the Postcard Style save the dates. The actual postcards ten to be a tad bid cheaper and the postage stamps are less to, double win! I selected a design that I liked and started to play around with it. MIN-010-SPC_D_FRTsource

I dropped in some of my favorite engagement photos until I found the look that I wanted. I changed the color of the center box to be navy to better fit the overall color scheme of the wedding. I really love how the navy looks with these photos! Minted is so easy to make little changes to get the perfect card. I also played around with the back of the cards. I changed to verbiage to be exactly what we needed.¬†Back-Of-Save-The-Date-CardsI love the way the cards turned out. They are perfectly suited to our wedding. Thanks to Minted for such great designs to choose from! Secondly, I wanted to create a photo book to have to look back at our engagement photos. For me, there is something to be said about photo albums.. Seeing them on Facebook or the computer is just not the same as a real live book. I enjoy looking back at my parents wedding album or my own baby book. I wanted to create a keepsake that would have the same meaning for my future self and family! I’ve used MyPublisher in college for a project that required a bound book. The quality was great and they had so many customizable options. MyPublisher is unlike other photo to book companies, in that you don’t just upload and hit “order”. With them, you download an easy to use software that allows you 100% freedom to design. I created a modern, clean lined photo book within an hours time.¬†Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 12.33.52 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 12.33.43 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-25 at 6.59.14 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-25 at 6.58.59 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-15 at 12.34.05 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-15 at 12.34.21 PM

I created a 20 page book that is 15″ x 11.5″. I did this large size so that it can be mixed in with my coffee table books at the house. I even ordered extra copies for both of our parents because I loved the end product so much! ¬†Thanks to MyPublisher for allowing me to be creative with my designs!

Spring looks for a Business Casual Workplace

Good Morning Friends!Spring-Business-Casual-Looks.jpgI am so super blessed to have an amazing job with an amazing boss. He is so nice, that he lets us wear whatever we want to work. Jeans, fine. T-shirt, fine. Shorts, fine. Yoga Pants, fine. I mean we can wear whatever we want. This is all well and good (and makes for a super comfortable work day) but I almost feel like I am becoming too comfortable. You know the saying “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”? Its not like I am looking for a new place of employment or anything, but I just feel like being able to wear whatever is making me.. sloppy. I am going to try to kick my butt in gear for spring and work towards a more fashion forward workplace look. I have been all over Pinterest and my favorite blogs to try to inspire my new work look. I have rounded up my top 10 Spring looks for a Business Casual Workplace. Check out what is inspiring me:


How adorable is this simple and chic look from Cute & Little blog?! This look is so easy to recreate with a bold colored knit sweater, simple black & white striped skirt, nude pumps and a statement necklace. Cute & Little also added a fun blush colored bag and blush colored trench coat for the chilly spring mornings!

Citrus+and+leopard+outfit source

Forget the same-old pastels you’ve always gone to.. bold colors are always saying “Spring” to me. J’s Everyday Fashion got it right on the money with this fun outfit. This bright colored pencil skirt paired with a leopard printed silky top is perfection! The simple nude bag and belt add sophistication to the outfit. Are you scared of that lime? Don’t worry! This outfit could work with virtually ANY bright colored pencil skirt like this one or this one!

IMG_4232_1 source

I love how Hello, Gorgeous! used layers to create such an easy and fun spring look! The pop of mint in that silky top is so great! I love the grey sweater, dark pants, bold chunky necklace¬†and fun bracelet she used to bring it all together. This is still such a casual look, but some how she makes it just the right amount of sophisticated to work in a “dress down” office or casual Friday at your firm.

15081134910_b9f66c44b6_b source

I love the “pattern play” that Extra Petite is doing with this outfit. The button-down¬†gingham shirt¬†goes so seamlessly with her leopard print flats! Its funny¬†how just a simple skinny belt let makes all the difference with this look. She also is rocking the trench coat to stay dry in the spring showers, love!

lime and purple 1 source

I love how Sequins & Stilettos is mixing these two bold colors, yet the outfit does not seem overwhelming! She pairs a simple yellow pencil skirt with a beautiful floral patterned top and matching cardigan. She finished the look with neutral heels and a metallic belt for such an easy to recreate look!

24836946371_14e0f0f5a5_o source

So, I just found Extra Petite’s blog.. and I’m in love you guys! She is so stinking cute and puts together such fun outfits, I CANT STAND IT! After reading her post, I jumped online and purchased this amazing classic plaid button-down top and fun blue pencil skirt. She paired it with simple nude pumps for such an easy 1-2-3 outfit that is perfect for a casual business meeting or a dress down Friday at a more formal office!

01_20_SPR16_How-To-Wear-Blazers_02W3_v3_0043-1024x1024 source

This is an interesting combo for me. I love a good chambray shirt but have never thought of pairing it with a black blazer and printed skirt before! The chunky black heel and fun red bag really make this look work! This would be great to transition from work to happy hour too!

21424565700_b4c5e41be1_o source

Once again, my new favorite Extra Petite kills it with this super easy outfit. She used a loose and flowy black and white polkadot top and high waisted skinny ankle pants as the base, then adding in a navy bag and heels to complete this look. Perfection.

2828495d7a15815dc2d3b678ca69350b source

Can you believe this skirt is less than $30.00?! What a steal. I love this simple menswear inspired button-down and uber chic heels to create a simple and tailored look. She is carrying her neutral trench coat for those rainy days, so smart!

Mint,+baby+blue+office+outfit source
This is another simple pattern + color = spring combo! I am totally loving how J’s Everyday Fashion¬†¬†used the mint color from the blouse to build on this outfit. She added a great solid cardigan and straight pencil skirt for the base, then added funky heels, nude bag and a simple necklace to complete the spring forward look.

Take Aways:

First take away is how easy it is to take a few statement items like a Pencil Skirt, Nude Shoe, or Tench Coat and repeat it into multiple different looks! After writing this post, I reflected on how many looks had the same similar “bases”.

Secondly, I love moving away from a pastel only mindset for spring, and introducing some more bold and saturated colors. 

Lastly, Anyone else notice that only two of my looks had flats? I need to suck it up and start breaking out the heels a bit more. Sigh.

Well, thats it for now! Check out my Pinterest FASHION // STYLE board to see more of what I am digging on right now! What did you think about my soon-to-be fashion forward spring looks? Let me know in the comments below.

Until Next Time,