April 2016

Getting My Fix: Stitch Fix Review 7

While this post is sponsored by Stitch Fix- As always, all of the comments and opinions in this post are my own.

Good Morning!

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend! After filing out our wedding invitations, I drove back home to see my family. My Aunt hosted a wonderful Easter lunch and we did an adult egg hunt! We do not have really any little ones left, as our youngest is a senior in high school.. so we have morphed the egg hunt tradition to adults. We fill the eggs with scratch offs, burt’s bees goodies, mini alcohol bottles, dollars, one use face masks, candy and other fun treats then the host hides them. All of the adults have a blast looking for the eggs and getting some fun goodies too!

But anyway, I am back with another Stitch Fix! You all know I love these things and can wait for the next one. I have requested some of their new shoes in my next shipment! I can’t wait to see what they send šŸ™‚

1: Pixley Millie Textured Dress- Kept

PIXLEY-MILLIE-TEXTURED-DRESSThis was a instant keeper. I love the small honeycomb pattern in navy and white. It gives the dress a slightly nautical vibe! I also really like the mesh detail around the neckline. This jacket would be so adorable with a jean jacket and nude flats! I paired it with a red bubble necklaceĀ (similar)Ā and red pointed toe flats (similar).

2: Papermoon BastilleĀ TulipĀ Sleeve Blouse-Ā KeptPAPERMOON-BASTILLE-TULIP-BLOUSE

This is such a great top for spring! It has an adorable sleeve detail that looks like a tulip, and the fabric is so light and airy. I was surprised at how flattering the color is on too! I paired it with dark jeans, the bracelets sent in this stitch fix shipment and a light blue statement necklace (similar).

3: 31 Bits Isla Medley Bracelet Set-Ā Returned31BITS-ISLA-BRACELET-SET
I actually did like these little bracelets, but at a price tag of $38.00 for wooden bead bracelets…. I had to send them back. I felt like I could make these or find these for a way better price. I did love the bright colors though!

4: 41Hawthorn Rufus Crew Neck Blouse- Returned41HAWTHORN-RUFUS-CREW-NECK-BLOUSE

I kind of sort of regret returning this top… but not really. It looks so cute in the photos, but it was a weird scratchy material and it had a strange fit. It was rather large in the middle, but so tight around my hips. I did love the print and the black and white is right up my alley. I paired this top with a bold black and white statement necklace, jeans and black scallop flats from DSW.

5: Renee C Lyzbeth Crew Neck Top-ReturnedRENEE-C-LYZBETH-CREW-NECK-TOPThis was the first Stitch Fix item that I thought “Wow, I really don’t like that at all” even before I tried it on. Its a tad too boho for my own taste, I didn’t like the sleeveless tank style, and I really don’t like the way yellow looks on me. Even if I didn’t like the top, I paired it with a green army jacket and gold hoop earrings.

Well- thats my fix! I have to say this wasn’t my favorite of all fixes but I came out with a super amazing top and dress! If you want to check out Stitch Fix for yourself, click the link!

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Wedding Planning: The Final Stretch

Good Morning Loves,

I want to apologize for being missing in action over the last few weeks. We are less than a month away from the wedding any I am feeling stretched pretty thin. We are both so very excited for the day to finally be here, but in the mean time the blog has suffered. I will be taking a tiny step back from posting in the next few weeks in order to focus on getting the remaining wedding tasks done. For example, Brian doesn’t have a suit or wedding band yet… yikes! Remember my tips for planning a wedding in SIX months? Maybe I should have re-read my own post a few more times.

We decided to have a really small wedding (20 people on our guest list) because we wanted to be stress free and really be able to enjoy our own wedding. Funny thing is, I’ve been a little too relaxed about planning.. I’ve put a lot of important items off until the last minute. In the end I know it will all get done, and it will be a wedding that really reflects us as a couple. (I hope!)Ashley-Brian-Engagement-111

Photo by Lauren Nievod Photography

If you want to get caught up on the wedding action, feel free to read my posts:

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Thanks for being patient with me as I take such a huge and exciting step towards our future! I will still be posting between now and the wedding, but just not on a very consistent schedule. Our wedding is a three day event from May 10-12, 2016. I will be back right after to share photos, vendors, wedding DIY projects and my source list in the end of May šŸ™‚

Until Next Time,