May 2016

Big News: We’re Moving!

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Long time no talk! Its been over a month since my last post, eeekkk! I’m so sorry to be so absent over the last month.. So much has changed in my life over the last few weeks. I posted about the final stretch of wedding planning and how I would be missing in action for the month of May. Little did I know that when I’d be ready to come back to the blog, not only would we be newly weds, but we would also be moving!Actually-Ashley-VA-House-SoldBrian is an Air Traffic Controller, and his job is being relocated from just outside Washington DC to Columbus Ohio. Wow, so many amazing and big life changes at once! We are happy to say our home in Virginia sold in 4 days. We are so lucky to have sound an amazing house in Ohio on 60 acres of land that I hope to transform into our home. It is a beautifully maintained 4 bedroom colonial that has been truly loved by its owners. When we first found out we’d be moving to a completely new state where we knew no one, I was a little panicked. We knew we wanted a few key things in our new house:

  • Brian wanted land, the more the better.
  • I wanted a place we could stay for a long time. A forever home of sorts.
  • We both want to start a family here, so we need space and a few bedrooms.

Other than that we were open to options. We looked into building, buying and fixing up, as well as turn key options but nothing felt right. We looked a dozens of homes but did not feel attached to anything we saw. On a whim we stopped at a winery near Columbus to take a break from house hunting. There we met the wonderful owner, Jim, who became an instant friend to Brian and I. Over the next few weeks Jim asked around to help us try to find a hidden gem. A winery customer mentioned to Jim that their neighbors might be looking to sell their home in the next few years and gave us the address. With no other information and some courage Brian and I knocked on the front door and asked the owner if they like to sell us their home. After an afternoon of hanging out, bonding and good laughs, the rest is history and we have purchased our dream home in Ohio that wasn’t even for sale. Brian’s job doesn’t start for a while, so we have leased back our new house to the previous owners until they can find and buy a new house. They weren’t listing the house after all… We will be moving to our new home September 1, 2016. Actually-Ashley-OH-HouseYou might ask…”Wait, you’re not moving until September but you’ve already sold your old home?!”  Well, yes. We didn’t know what to do at first because we only have about 4 months until we move. After a little research and some more courage, we’ve purchased a full size RV camper to call home for the time being. We were forced to sell most of our belongings which will give a fresh start when we move into our forever home. The camper has been surprisingly great so far. Its not too much to clean, and we have everything we need including a little fireplace and flat screen TV. Its like HGTV’s Tiny House! IMG_7283 IMG_7280Well guys, that my big news! I am so excited to start the next chapter of our lives. I am so ready to design and decorate this amazing new home and share the progress along the way!

I am also so excited to begin to share how our wedding went! I couldn’t have asked for a better day, it was filled with so much love. Once our amazing wedding photographer sends us over the photos I’ll make sure to share them with you!IMG_7409Until Next Time,


Throwback Thursday: Memorial Day with Trex

Memorial Day Feature with Trex Outdoor Furniture

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Happy Throwback Thursday!

FIRE-PIT-DIY-ACTUALLY-ASHLEY-COVERSDo you guys remember last summer when Brian and I installed our DIY outdoor fire pit? We absolutely LOVE it and use it all of the time! Well, I am happy to say that Trex Outdoor Furniture has featured my photos and DIY tutorial over on their blog while showcasing their amazing and durable outdoor furniture! Be sure to check out their blog postfor their fire pit round up and some additional tips and tricks to getting the perfect outdoor patio style just in time for Memorial Day Weekend!DIY-Fire-Pit-Roundup-Trex-Furniture-BlogTrex Outdoor Furniture

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