Baby Monthly Photos- TWO

Baby Monthly Photos with Stats and Info

Did you take monthly photos with your baby?

A babies first year can be a whirlwind. I can not believe its been two months already. I know everyone says it flies by but, damn! That went super quickly! We decided to track Adaline’s first year much like I tracked my pregnancy with monthly photos. We wanted to keep things simple by using these super cute milestone stickers that my mother-in-law gave us at my baby shower. They are so easy to just toss onto a plain white onesie, and are easy to manage as she grows. I learned the hard way when I did my weekly maternity photos that doing too much for them can burn you out. It quickly became more of a chore than something fun to do… We needed to keep these baby photos simple, wink wink!

We did decide to add in some fun facts, firsts and tid-bits to the photos to help us remember what happened each month and to see how she evolves. Its fun to see a baby slowly grows into their personalities and I want to be able to remember it. When I am old and grey, who knows if I will remember the first time she ate mashed carrots- so it is a good thing I’ll have these suckers to help me out! Its funny to see how much she has already grown in just one month. Time flies! Here is a look back to last month’s photo!xBaby Monthly Photos with Stats and InfoWhat way do you track your babies milestones? Do you keep a detailed baby book? Do you do monthly baby photos like this? Or do you do something else to keep it all straight? Leave me a comment below and let me know how you kept track of your kids growth! I love hearing from you!

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