Cheap and Easy DIY Baby Costume: Pineapple

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Look at that happy little pineapple!

Welcome back! It’s day four of my full week of Cheap and Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Babies! If you missed the first three days you can catch up her: Strawberry, Sushi Roll, Little Old Lady. I am excited to share this easy-as-pie little pineapple costume! It was one of the easiest I made this year, and looks so stinkin’ cute on her! I started with a plain old yellow onesie. I liked this one because it was adjustable. I made this costume during a growth spurt so it would be great if you’re making the costume a little ahead of time and want to make sure it will still fit! I purchased some yellow felt in a similar shade of yellow. Using sharp sissors I cut the felt into little squares. I lined these squares up on a diagonal along the body of the onesie. Once I had them lined up, I carefully attached the squares to the fabric with hot glue. It doesn’t have to be perfectly lined up or the exact same size, so dont worry! I trimmed the squares on the seams so they were just on the front. Next I grabbed my green felt and cut out long leaves. I used six of them, but depending on how big or small you make them you might need a different number. I lined them up along the neckline of the onesie. This was tricky to make sure the arm holes were not covered, and to see if the leaves would lay right on her neck. I ended up adding some leaves to the top of the sleeves to cover a little bit better. once you have it lined up, attach just the top of the leaves with hot glue. I tossed on a little green headband and that’s that! Easy and cheap is the name of the game for Halloween this year! What do you think of this little pineapple number?

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