Cheap and Easy DIY Baby Halloween Costumes: Strawberry

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I can’t believe it, but one of my favorite holidays is next week! One of my fondest memories growing up is my mom hand making my Halloween costumes every year. I’d tell her what I wanted to be, then BAM! She’d whip up an amazing costume. She was like magic. I look back now so impressed with what she came up with. I really want to keep this hand-made Halloween costume tradition alive now that I have a little one of my own. I had so many ideas for what I want Adaline to be, but quickly realized I only have a year or two before she will be telling me what she wants to be. I couldn’t decide on just one costume, so I opted to make a full weeks worth for your baby-viewing-pleasure!

I wanted to keep these costumes simple, and almost more importantly CHEAP. No one wants to spend $50 on a infant Halloween costume. My goal was for each costume to fall under $20 or hopefully way less. The first costume I want to share with yo guys is this little squishy strawberry!

I started with a red baby onesie. The cheaper the better for this, because you will not be able to reuse it. Next, I rounded up some colored felt. Check out your local craft store for this one. I got mine from Hobby Lobby for 33 cents a sheet! You’ll need two sheets of green and one sheet of pink. Using very sharp scissors, cut long leaf like shapes out of the green felt. Hold them up to the onesie to check the scale of the leaf.  I aimed for the leaf to reach 1/3 the way down the onesie. Once I had one leaf just right, I traced the rest. I ended up needing 7 leaf cut outs for the shirt and 7 for the hat. I carefully lined up the leaves along the neckline of the onesie. I made sure to curve the leaves to fall along the shirt sleeves so it did not get awkward when she was wearing it. It is easiest to line them up while the baby is wearing it to get good spacing. Next, I used a hot glue gun to carefully glue the top of the leaves to the neckline. HOWEVER, do not glue while the onesie is on the baby! Hot glue is no joke and you don’t want to burn your little squish! After my onesie leaves were glued down, I turned my attention to the top of the strawberry. I used a white baby hat as the base. I carefully lined up the leaves at the top of the hat and overlapped them slightly. Once all the leaves were on, I created the stem by rolling a long piece of the left over green felt into a cylinder. Using the hot glue, I attached the felt to the hat at an angle. Once the hat was done, I started to cut out the “seeds” of the berry. I used the pink felt (white would work great too!). I imagined cutting tear drop shapes for this. You’ll only need a few depending on the size you pick. 8 worked great for my little strawberry! Carefully hot glue them randomly around the onesie while it is not on the baby. Once all of the hot glue is cool, get your little berry dressed and see how it looks! My entire DIY Strawberry Costume cost me $16.14! So what do you think, will your little one be dressed as a little berry this year? Give it a go!

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Supply Shopping List:


Red Baby Onesie: $7.48
Green Felt: $.33/sheet (try a craft store too!)Pink Felt:$.33/sheet

White Baby Hat: $7.99

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