Cheap and Easy DIY Baby Costume: Little Old Lady

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Look at that grumpy little old lady! I know you’ve seen it done before, but here is our take on the grandma baby costume trend! There is something so funny about a baby dressed as an adult, right? The best part though, is it is so cheap and so easy to pull off! I bet you have most of what you’ll need already sitting in the closet!

The only real DIY element to this Halloween Costume is the “wig”. I used an old baby beanie as the base. I simply hot glued pom pom balls all around the hat so you could no longer see the fabric… thats it! I might suggest to pick a hat in a similar color to the pom-poms so if you miss a spot its not a big deal. I used a grey hat with taupe pom-poms but white or grey would be super funny too!

Next, raid your closet for an outfit. I picked a simple dress and sweater. Just buttoning the top button instantly makes this outfit little-old-lady-style. I picked out socks that mimic mary jane shoes, and added a strand of large pearls for a finishing touch! Don’t be scared to try our other items too! A head scarf, glasses, or curlers would be great.

Add some finishing touches for your photo! My cousin made this beautiful blanket when Adaline was born. I stuck some chop-sticks next to it so it looks like she is knitting. Accessories make all the difference with this! If your kiddo is walking, make a little DIY walker. What other fun accessories culd you add to this baby granny look?

Last but not least- I want to share some bloopers with you! Why are these outtakes even funnier than the “real” one?! Grannies Gone Wild!After about 5 minutes with that wig on.. someone was not a happy camper! Too funny! Be sure to check out the other DIY Halloween Costumes I am sharing this week like this little Sushi Roll and Strawberry number. What are you having your little one dressed as for Halloween? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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Shopping List (Click the photo for link)

Baby Beanie- $3.00

Pom-Pom $4.00 per bag

Dress and Sweater- $15.00

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