Cheap and Easy DIY Baby Costume: Scuba Diver

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I love doing these baby Halloween costumes! It is so fun to dress my little squish up everyday! Have you been following this full week of cheap and easy DIY baby costumes? Check out the strawberry, sushi roll, little old lady, pineapple, and a little spider. I got a big kick out of today’s costume: Baby Scuba Diver! How stinkin’ funny is this!? I know this one might not be practical to actually go trick or treating in, but boy did it make for some funny photos. Stay tuned to the end to see some funnier bloopers too!

To start this super easy costume, I cleaned and dried a plastic soda bottle to become the “air tank”. I grabbed some black spray paint and gave te entire thing a nice thick coat. Once it dried, I used painters tape to create bands around the bottle. I grabbed some yellow craft paint and gave this air tank some stripes! I got crazy and decided to throw on some glitter too for good measure. Once the paint is almost dry- remove the painters tape.

Next, I got some black baby tights and a long sleeve black onesie. I used a black headband around her waist to hold the “air tank” into place. I decided to use a binky as her mask. This would have worked perfectly if she hadn’t decided to start to hate binkys this week… oh well! You’ll see in the outtakes below I had to hold the binky in place to get a photo! Insert eye roll emoji! I also used the tub from my Nose Frida to connect the binky and the air tank. Lastly I grabbed some kids goggles for the top of her head. How is that action shot? I love the line of drool coming out! Oh boy! Nothing some cheek pinching can’t fix! We had a lot of fun with this one! She was a really great sport holding her head up and having those goggles on her head! Just ignore my hand with the binky!

What do you think of this scuba diver costume? What is your little wearing this Halloween? Leave me a comment below 🙂

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