Cheap and Easy DIY Baby Costume: Spider

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Hey there! Its day FIVE of my full week of DIY baby Halloween Costumes! I can’t believe its almost over! I’ve had so much fun dressing this little lady up! Today I am sharing a classic: Spider! My mom made me a spider costume when I was about six years old. It was always one of my favorites. I wanted to make Adaline her won version of this classic! I started with the “head of the spider”. I grabbed a baby beanie I had left over from her first few weeks of life. It happened to be pink, but any color would work! Using white felt I cut large ovals. I grabbed my black felt and cut a smaller oval. I hot glued the black oval onto the white. Next I added tiny white circles to finish off the eyes! I then used the hot glue to attach these to the brim of the hat. The next step is to grab three sets of infant tights in the same color. I happened to already own three sets of tights in pink, and it matched the hat so that was a bonus! I rolled up some plain white onesies to stuff the legs of two sets of tights. You could use anything on hand to stuff the tights but I found the onesies worked great!Once you have the tights all stuffed, grab a onesie and put it on your baby. I grabbed a long sleeve black onsie I had on hand. Use the last pair of tights on your baby and before your snap the crotch together, lay the “body” of the stuffed tights on either side of them. One in the back, and one in the front. Sort of flop the extra sider legs to either side and snap the crotch of the onesie. This was plenty to hold her extra legs onto her, however if your little squish is crawling or walking you might need some safety pins! There you have it, Spider Baby! The legs made for some excellent chew toys as well. Win-Win my friends! Want some more easy DIY baby costume ideas? Check out my previous posts: Strawberry, Sushi Roll, Little Old Lady and Pineapple! I can’t believe I only have two more costumes to share with you guys! What has been your favorite so far? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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