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Rounding up my favorite pendant lights that fit into any decor style, and tips on how to hang them in your own home

Lets get real: Pendants can be a tricky thing to get right. As a designer- I see homeowners that feel light they are stuck with the builder grade pendants that were there when they moved in… not the case at all. In fact, switching out light fixtures is one of the easiest ways you can quickly update a space. #hellohandyman

Scale, shape and style can determine if your lighting choice makes a design come together or tear it apart. Personally, I really love a huge oversized pendant that makes a statement in a room. I often sub out traditionally sized pendants for chandeliers to create a bigger impact on the design. So how to you know what size light to get?

A good rule of thumb that your light should be about 1/3 the size of the surface below it or for larger areas like an island- think 12″ smaller than the edges. For example: if you’re hanging a pendant over a nightstand in your bedroom, and the nightstand is 30 inches in diameter, your pendant should be no smaller than 10 inches diameter. The bigger the fixture, the bigger the impact it will have on your design.

Tips for hanging your lights:

An ideal distance between your pendant and kitchen island is 28-32 inches. See those big beauties over that island?! LOVE! (Ignore the chandelier over the kitchen table, this is an example of builder grade fixtures that have not been switched out for something better yet)12304200_10153130112155248_1860542492900164880_oSource

Pendant lights over a side table or nightstand should be a little lower, about 25-30 inches from the table surface. How sweet is this kids bedroom at a beach home designed by my firm, P [Four]. Adding the pendant light above the shared nightstand added texture and interest to the room. 333E4310 Source

If you’re using a pendant in your bathroom, hang the fixtures around 60 inches from the finished floor, and layer it with your mirror to create depth. Do not hang the light too high so that it is floating all around above the mirror. Layering it creates an anchor. This amazing master bathroom was designed by my boss, Shawn Evans and was featured by Home & Design Magazine333E4176Source

Now, lets get to my picks. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite pendant lights from different design styles. Each one offers something so great about it, however I am partial to numbers 2 and 16 because I’m using them for the kitchen and dining room of our new home in Ohio!

Source-Pendant Lights- Actually Ashley

1. Pulley System Pendant  | 2. Brushed Iron Pendant  | 3. Warehouse Pendant  | 4. Industrial Farmhouse Pendant  | 5. Spudnick Pendant | 6. Interlocking Triangle Pendant | 7. Modern Task Pendant | 8. Gold Globe Pendant | 9. Classic Glass Pendant |  10. Silver and Crystal Pendant11. Gold Arabesque Pendant12. Moroccan Quatrefoil Pendant | 13. Carved Wood and Glass Pendant | 14. Iron and Wood Rectangular Pendant | 15. Sisal and Distressed Wood Pendant | 16. Round Wood Pendant

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