Garden Floral Nursery for Adaline

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I am really excited to finally share Adaline’s nursery with you all! We started her room almost a year ago when she was just a wee-nugget in my belly. We converted one of our guest bedrooms into the nursery. I shared the design plans last spring when I started to order items for her room. She had a pretty unexpected arrival, a month early, so her room was not 100% completed when we finally came home from the hospital. I tossed stuff together to get us by at first. Over the last seven months, I’ve changed a few things as she has grown into the space to make it work better for us.

I wanted to wait a little bit before sharing to be able to share the ‘final’ version with you all! I’ve finally had time to really style her room and make it fit her personality. My husband Brian worked really hard to put up our faux shiplap. I really love the crisp white on the walls. He wasn’t too happy with me adding a project just a few weeks before the baby was due, but it got done and looks amazing. We used plywood cut into strips to create the look.  We painted them and used a nail gun to tack them up on the wall leaving small gaps for the seams. Overall it was a pretty simple project and something I would (make my husband) do again.

Pom Pom Basket // Similar Hospital Keepsake Frame// Bookcase

The first thing that really changed was how I styled her bookcase. I ended up using way more blankets than I had planned this winter, so her entire bottom shelf became their home. I moved her toys and her favorite books onto the middle shelves where it is easier to grab when we are snuggled up in the rocking chair before bedtime. She has really started to love reading before bedtime and this spot in her room is perfect for it! Lastly I switched out the artwork on her top shelf to this amazing watercolor my Cousin did for her. She is really talented and is thinking of starting up an Etsy store to sell her watercolors!

DIY Floral from Hobby Lobby // Pink Polka Dot Bunny Bank // BookcaseDIY floral from Hobby Lobby // Fairy Baby Doll // Bunny Watercolor by Erin HellmannUnicorn // Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug //Jute Pouf Ottoman // Similar Rocking ChairMy mom handmade these drapes for her room the week after she was born. We thought we had time to finish them up before she arrived, but she had her own plans! We used simple blush pink fabric for the panels, and used blackout liner to help with nap times later down the road. My mom added the little white pom pom trim to them, which I think is the perfect little detail. We also switched out the light fixture for this white beaded one. I love how the white beaded look is repeated on the mirror above her crib and the drapery. I think it adds a little bit of cohesive detail to the space. We decided to buy a neutral crib hoping to be able to use it in the future for other kiddos. My husband loved the idea of grey, so I scooped up this gender neutral one from target. I really love that it will convert to a toddler bed, and then to a regular full size bed when this room goes back to being a guest room in a few years! Grey Crib // Scalloped Crib Skirt // Mirror  // Whale MobileFloral Crib Sheets // Unicorn // Pillows from Hobby Lobby Ikea White Dresser // Grey Flower Detail Dress // Floral Changing Pad Cover // Wood Name Sign Wood Name Sign // Art from Hobby Lobby //Similar Galvanized TrayI  like to keep the stuff we use daily right on hand. This tiered tray is a great way to organize all of the not-so-pretty items like lotions and diapers. I also grabbed a simple glass jar to hold all of her pacifiers so they are also easy to grab! Lastly, we always keep a little toy on hand here as it is getting harder to keep her still while we change diapers. This little wood whale is one of her favorites right now. My talented cousin Erin painted this watercolor bunny just for Adalin’s room. She used the nursery for inspiration, and I think it fits perfectly with the space! Erin used so much detail and I would highly recommend her for any watercolors you may need. You can message her on Facebook until she gets her Etsy shop up and running! Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out our little floral/garden theme nursery. Its been a lot of fun to put together and I love being able to share it all with you!  Thanks to White Elm Photography for taking the shots with me and Adaline in them! Look how itty-bitty that nugget was! Time has already flown by!

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