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I think my husband hates the fact that the blogging world forces me to put at least one of the rooms in our house into full-blown Christmas mode before we are done with Halloween. By the time I’m able to drag down the boxes, set it all up, photograph it all and throw a post together.. it takes me about 3 weeks. I have a new baby, so I tell myself that’s why it takes so long.. but like it or not, in order to have some fancy Christmas photos ready to share with you guys before you’re out to decorate for yourselves, we are doing Christmas in our living room a little early this year!

For the Holidays, we typically have two trees. One faux tree that I can set up earlier, and one real tree that kind of has to wait or risk being dead before December even gets here. Our living room is the most formal spot in our house, and its normally where I like to start when we begin to decorate for the season. Our living room has beautiful millwork and a gas fireplace that is my favorite to style for Christmas. I wanted to keep the space light and bright. I decided to keep to lots of whites and layer in navy, blush and a sage green. I’m really happy with how it looks with the space!Similar Mirror  // Fur Stocking // Knit Stocking

Pick a Color Scheme:

Our living room is painted in a soft blue green color against white trim work. I’ve added dashes of navy and blush throughout the room over the last year. I wanted to keep the Christmas decor in the same color scheme. I think it helps the space seem more together when it is all said and done. In decorating, it doesn’t really matter what color scheme you select- just that you stick to it! I picked up three flocked garlands from Hobby Lobby. I used some floral wire to string them together to make it long enough to go all the way down to the floor, which I think looks dreamy! I picked up some white stockings (affiliate links above!) in different textures to add some interest against the white paint of the fireplace.I’ve been collecting carved wood trees for a few years now. I really love the texture they add to the holiday mantel. I also love how they match our mirror. On the other side of the fireplace mantel I decided to also echo the iron work on the mirror with these three slender iron candlesticks. 

Curate Your Ornaments:

One of my favorite tips for the holidays is to curate what goes onto your tree. I know you love that macaroni ornament your sister made when she was six- but if its not in your ever important color scheme, it can st out a year. I’m not saying that you can not use sentimental ornaments, I’m just saying you can select ones that fit within your theme.  Glass Ball Ornament // Tree Bark Wood Slices

I start the tree with colored ball ornaments in my exact color scheme. I then layer in greenery and ribbons to give some dimension. Last, I finish the tree with the curated decorative ornaments. In the photos above I selected sentimental ornaments that fit withing this years color scheme. The top is an ornament we have made ever year. It is a sliver from the stump of that years Christmas tree that my sister-in-law carves for us. The bottom one is just a glass ball that I inserted a wedding invitation all cut up. Sweet and simple.

Don’t Forget the Wrapping!

Another way to get a cohesive holiday look for your space is with your wrapping. I like to select one to three papers that all go with the color scheme. I also love if the papers have slightly different textures. This year I selected a blush and white paper, a plain brown craft paper and a brown paper with a burlap print. I also selected ribbon with blush, navy or natural fibers. I love to pull a few ornaments from the tree and tie them onto the packages with the name tags. It really helps to pull it all together!Flamingo Stuffed Animal // Kraft Wrapping Paper

I also love the idea of leaving gifts that work with the theme unwrapped. This little flamingo fits my colors and looks great with just a bow. Which is great because what a pain in the butt that thing would be to wrap!Thanks for stopping by to see how I decorated my living room for the holidays! Stay tuned for other areas of my house decorated for Christmas! Have you put up your tree yet? Leave me a comment below!

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