Monthly Baby Photos- ONE

xBaby Monthly Photos with Stats and InfoAfter sharing our dramatic birth story with you, its hard to believe how quickly our little squirt has grown! The first month flew by… We decided to track Adaline’s first year much like I tracked my pregnancy with monthly photos. My mother-in-law gave us these super cute stickers that are so easy to toss onto a plain white onesie. I then uploaded the photo into PicMonkey and then added some of her likes, dislikes, firsts and stats. I imagine in ten years it will be fun to be able to look back at what each month was like with her. Baby milestones are a great memory. I like having the photos to help me remember them!

Did you do monthly photos with your little one? I love to see the different take on it! Leave me a comment and share how you took on the monthly baby photo trend!

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