How to style a blanket scarf

 How to style a blanket scarf four different ways plus coupon code to buy one for yourself!

This post was sponsored by Kelsey’s Kloset Boutique, but as always, all opinions are completely my own. As a thank you for reading, we are happy to offer you 10% off of your Kelsey’s Kloset Boutique purchase using coupon code AshleyLovesKKB

Good Morning Lovies!

It has been getting colder and colder here in Ohio. I’ve finally caved in and pulled out all of my winter clothing. I always try to hold onto my summer goods until the absolute last minute, but man, it been so chilly that I finally caved. While I hate giving up on my short sleeves and dresses, I must admit I am excited to get layering!

 I’ve recently found an amazing boutique clothing store in Baltimore, Maryland that has such great pieces called Kelsey’s Kloset. If you’re not in the Baltimore area, have no fear! They have an amazing online store too! Winter clothing is so great because in my opinion the more layers you add, the better the look. One easy layer to add to just about any outfit is a good scarf. Kelsey’s Kloset Boutique sent me one of their brand new blanket scarfs and I am head of heels in love with it. I wanted to share it with you and show you four simple ways I’ve been incorporating it into my winter wardrobe!actually-ashley-blanket-scarft-style-four-ways-coverLook Number One: actually-ashley-blanket-scarf-style-drape-shawMy first look is a blanket scarf draped over my shoulders like a shawl.  This is by-far the easiest style, and is so simple to do! Simply fold the blanket scarf in half into a large triangle. Drape the triangle over your shoulders for a casual look. Another great style tip- try tying the ends in front of your body for a slightly more polished version (this also helps to prevent the scarf from slipping or moving!)

Look Number Two:actually-ashley-blanket-scarf-style-traditional-wrapThis second look is a timeless classic. Like the shawl style, fold your blanket scarf in half into a large triangle. Place the center of the triangle at the nape of your neck. Wrap the ends around your neck, and allow them to fall towards the front. I like to “Fluff” my scarf so it lays in a nicer shape. I like to separate the center of the triangle after wrapping it to show more layers.

Look Number Three:actually-ashley-blanket-scarf-style-traditional-tuck-ends Like the traditional style before, wrap your large folded triangle around your neck just like look number two. Instead of allowing the ends to flow freely, tuck them under for a more tailored look! You can also loosely tie the ends underneath to prevent them from becoming visible.

Look Number Four:actually-ashley-blanket-scarf-infinity-styleI am a sucker for a good infinity scarf- and you can transform any normal scarf into one! Start this one with the large triangle. Slowly start at the tip and loosely roll until you get to the end. Wrap the scarf around your neck twice. Tie the ends into a small knot to secure. Tuck the knot under the other layers to hide it! Voila- Infinity Scarf!

What do you think! All four ways are so simple but create different looks. Don’t have a blanket scarf? No worries, Kelsey’s Kloset Boutique is offering all of my readers 10% off of their entire purchase. Yes, that is your ENTIRE purchase- not just blanket scarfs! Use the code AshleyLovesKKB at check out! Be sure to check out their other goodies!actually-ashley-kelsey-kloset-coupon-code-bannerHow do you style your blanket scarf? Be sure to share photos of yourself in your scarf on Instagram and tag @actuallyashleyblogs and @kelseysklosetboutique for a chance to be featured this upcoming week!  I can’t wait to see the fun styles you guys come up with!

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Wedding Planning: DIY Hair and Make-up

How I saved a boat load of money by doing my own DIY Hair and Make-up for our Wedding Day

Hello There!

Thanks for the love on our new living room designs and the color scheme for our house! I can’t believe the day is here and we are moving! Be sure to follow on Instagram to see some photos as we go! I’ll be sure to post about the progress on the house over here too, but it might take a minute. Moving is pretty crazy.. and we won’t have internet right away. I am hoping to be able to share about the house soon though!

Today I wanted to switch back to our wedding and share how I saved money by doing my own hair and makeup. As you might remember, I was trying to cut some costs and save as much as we could while wedding planning. After doing my research and calling around I was finding that the cheapest hair and make-up artist I could get in our area was $500.00… for just me… Look, I know that being in an artistic job field that people are always expecting you to work for nothing.. I get it, I really do.. but $500 for an hour of hair and make-up seems pretty steep. So, I decided to try and tackle the task by myself. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. I have compiled a list of tips that helped me along the way:

  • Do your homework. Professional makeup stores will teach you how to use their products. Head to a store like Mac or Sephora and request a makeup lesson. Some places will take walk-ins while others ask you to reserve a spot. Most stores will teach you for free as long as you make a minimum purchase- which is makeup you’ll need for your wedding look anyway! Consider bringing photos of a makeup look you’d like to learn how to recreate.
  • Go big or go home. My photographer reminded me that my makeup should be darker than I might normally wear it for it to look good in photos. I wore faux eyelashes and much darker eye makeup than I would have normally worn. She also asked me to darken my makeup a few times. It was good to feed off of our photographer to make sure the look was as good on camera as it was in person.
  • PRACTICE. PRACTICE. PRACTICE. I did my “wedding look” several times in the months before our wedding. I tried out different lip sticks, shadows and blushes before I perfected the perfect look. I also opted to wear faux eyelashes for a super glamorous look. I highly recommend test driving these puppies before the big day- it can take a few tries to really get the hang of it.
  • Have your hair done a week or so before the wedding. Do not have a fresh cut or dye right before the big day. It helps to have at least a week for the color to fade a bit and the cut to grow out so it looks more natural. I went to my local beauty supply store and purchased clip-in extensions to wear for my wedding look. It was so simple and really helped amp up my look.
  • Invest in quality products. I wasn’t about to spend a boat load for one day- but I can stomach spending a little as long as I can keep some quality products to reuse. I spent around $150 and purchased some good quality foundation, powder and brushes. It was worth every single cent. I love the new brushes and use them daily. The foundation I selected was Makeup Forever Mat Velvet in color #25 warm ivory. This foundation was made to last- even on a humid and sticky day like ours. Its also great because it helped to keep my skin matte and not shiny. I tend to get oily quick so it was a huge help! After the liquid foundation- I topped it off with Sephora Collection 8 HR Mattifying Compact Powder in color #16 linen. This really set in the liquid foundation and helped even out my skin. My sister in law gave me a Stila eyeshadow palette which had so many shades and options to layer on. It was great! While this particular one is no longer in stock- its nice to have so many options (especially while you’re practicing your look!) Thanks Nellie- I loved this one!
  • Try out different hair curlers for different looks. I purchased 4 curling irons and tested each one before deciding which I would use on the wedding day look. I also looked at a few youtube videos to perfect the techniques for each one. I settled with a Remington 1/2-1″ Curling Wand  which was around $20 online. I loved how my curls turned out with it!Sicher-125Sicher-70Getting help curling those extensions! It was tricky!Sicher-124Sicher-127Sicher-133Sicher-138Sicher-142Sicher-141Sicher-146Sicher-149Sicher-154Sicher-163Sicher-174Sicher-180Sicher-181Sicher-183Sicher-188Sicher-194Sicher-200

Sources: Embroidered Shirt | Personalized Hanger |  Wedding Dress |  Shoes | Similar Headband

Face: Foundation | Powder | Blush | Primer

Eyes: Liner | Shadow |  Mascara

Lips: Liner | Stain

Hair: Curling Wand | Extensions | Headband | Brush

Thats a wrap! What do you think about doing your own hair and make-up for your wedding? Would you ever trust yourself for it? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! Be sure to check into my Facebook and Instagram for more photos and to stay up-to-date!

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Five Things I Bought This Week

Actually Ashley Thing I Bought This Week


LaCroixWaterOne: La Croix Sparking water, what a game changer. I was first introduced when I started at my new office. The fridge was stocked with sparkling water, and only sparkling water. To be honest, I’ve had other brands of sparkling waters before and was not impressed. After a few days of being ‘forced’ to drink it, I became obsessed. I started to crave its refreshing taste! I bought some from Target for home and now Brian loves La Croix waters too! My favorite flavor is Grapefruit, Brian’s is Coconut.

Blowfish ShoesTwo: Blowfish Ankle Booties. I got mine in-store at DSW. I feel like DSW gets me every time I go in, they force me to fall in love with so much stuff. I’ve never walked into one without buying something.. cough, just like target, cough… Anyway, I just got these awesome ankle booties last week that are blowfish brand and man do they fit perfectly. I am a huge fan of how blowfish shoes fit on me, so these were a no-brainier.

Styled BookThree: I have been following Emily Henderson and her blog for a while. I loved her on HGTV’s Design Star and read her blog weekly. Once she hinted about her new book, Styled by Emily Henderson, I knew I needed it. I loved reading about how she came about her cover photo. I just ordered it on Amazon and can’t wait for my Prime delivery!

Target BasketFour: Here is the story. I like throw blankets. I use one almost every night as we sit and watch TV. I corral them all into a blanket that sits on the floor in the living room. Brian HATES this basket. It is industrial style and made of old metal with wood handles. Brian hates this because the metal constantly snags on the throw blankets inside and he has to bend down and untangle them every time I ask him to pass me a blanket, lol. So while on my Target run I grabbed this super cute and snag free woven felt basket. Its simple and cute and makes life a little easier.

KnoxThomasFive: You ever have those friends of a friend that you somehow connect with on social media? Well, I have a bunch of them. I am a sort-of-acquaintance of Truly and ended up following her via social media as she opened a new Etsy shop called KnoxThomas Designs (named after her super adorable baby, sorry I am a creep, okay?!) After seeing a few of her Jewelry designs I instantly knew I was a s sucker and that it was only a matter of time before I placed my order… I ended up getting three gold bracelets with coordinate on them. I had her inscribe the coordinates of the place me and my two best friends met and will give them to them for Christmas… I hope they are not reading this!?


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Top 5 Beauty Must-Haves

ActuallyAshley5BeautyMustHaves.jpg copyI get asked a lot of questions about which make-up brands I use. I feel like in my daily routine I am constantly trying new products and switching things up. While I am all about giving something new a try, there are a handful of products that I will always stand by. Here are my top 5 beauty must-haves:


1: Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF45Why I love it: What is the golden rule- Always wear sunscreen… This product is so simple to add to the make-up routine that you already have. Simply brush on this translucent powder on top of your make-up for a UVA/UVB SPF 45 protection. This product is chemical and talc free! It will always be a staple for me!

Price: $30.00

Where to get it: In any Sephora store or online here.

2: Channel Correctur Perfection Concealer

Why I love it: I’ve tried a ton of concealers and find that most of them wont last me a full day at work. Channel’s Correctur Perfection pasted the test for 10+ hours of wear, which means it gets my recommendation.

Price: $42.00

Where to get it: Shop online here.

3: Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Foundation

Why I love it: This foundation can cover just about any thing. It creates an even and matted skin tone that creates that air brushed look. It is oil free, which helps to leave me non-greasy even on a long hot day. This foundation lasts and lasts.

Price: $38.00

Where to get it: Sephora stores or online here.

4: Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain

Why I Love it: Shown in 13 Marvelous Mauve, 04 Coral Crush and 08 Whipped Blush. I love the intense colors of these long wear lip stain. This stain is not like the rest, with a silky smooth feel that lasts from day to night. I haven’t found a lip stain that beats the Sephora Collection. If you love the bold red lip trend try color 01 Always Red!

Price: $14.00

Where to get it: Sephora Stores or online here.

5: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15

Why I love it: Talk about butter-y soft lips! As a chapstick-girl, this lip treatment is life changing! It keeps my lips soft and smooth during cold winter months. Sugar Lip Treatments come in a bunch of tinted colors but my favorite is the Coral (shown). It gives just a hint of color but is not too over powering.

Price: $23.00

Where to get it: Get it online here.

BONUS: Miss Adoro Faux Eyelashes

Why I love it: I don’t wear faux lashes every day, but when I have a special occasion these are my go-to! They are super inexpensive compared to the ones you see in the drug-store (almost $6.oo/pair). These are made with 100% human hair and there are dozens of different styles to match ever eye. I like #307 for a long wing effect, #WSP whispy for the dramatic eye or #747L for a full effect.

Price: $1.99/pair

Where to get it: Get it online here.

Okay, so there are my top 5 beauty must-haves. Leave a comment below to let me know what beauty products you cannot live without!


Until Next Time,