Cheap and Easy DIY Baby Costume: Scuba Diver

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I love doing these baby Halloween costumes! It is so fun to dress my little squish up everyday! Have you been following this full week of cheap and easy DIY baby costumes? Check out the strawberry, sushi roll, little old lady, pineapple, and a little spider. I got a big kick out of today’s costume: Baby Scuba Diver! How stinkin’ funny is this!? I know this one might not be practical to actually go trick or treating in, but boy did it make for some funny photos. Stay tuned to the end to see some funnier bloopers too!

To start this super easy costume, I cleaned and dried a plastic soda bottle to become the “air tank”. I grabbed some black spray paint and gave te entire thing a nice thick coat. Once it dried, I used painters tape to create bands around the bottle. I grabbed some yellow craft paint and gave this air tank some stripes! I got crazy and decided to throw on some glitter too for good measure. Once the paint is almost dry- remove the painters tape.

Next, I got some black baby tights and a long sleeve black onesie. I used a black headband around her waist to hold the “air tank” into place. I decided to use a binky as her mask. This would have worked perfectly if she hadn’t decided to start to hate binkys this week… oh well! You’ll see in the outtakes below I had to hold the binky in place to get a photo! Insert eye roll emoji! I also used the tub from my Nose Frida to connect the binky and the air tank. Lastly I grabbed some kids goggles for the top of her head. How is that action shot? I love the line of drool coming out! Oh boy! Nothing some cheek pinching can’t fix! We had a lot of fun with this one! She was a really great sport holding her head up and having those goggles on her head! Just ignore my hand with the binky!

What do you think of this scuba diver costume? What is your little wearing this Halloween? Leave me a comment below ūüôā

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Cheap and Easy DIY Baby Costume: Spider

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Hey there! Its¬†day FIVE of my full week of DIY baby Halloween Costumes! I can’t believe its almost over! I’ve had so much fun dressing this little lady up! Today I am sharing a classic: Spider! My mom made me a spider costume when I was about six years old. It was always one of my favorites. I wanted to make Adaline her won version of this classic! I started with the “head of the spider”. I grabbed a baby beanie I had left over from her first few weeks of life. It happened to be pink, but any color would work! Using white felt I cut large ovals. I grabbed my black felt and cut a smaller oval. I hot glued the black oval onto the white. Next I added tiny white circles to finish off the eyes! I then used the hot glue to attach these to the brim of the hat. The next step is to grab three sets of infant¬†tights in the same color. I happened to already own three sets of tights in pink, and it matched the hat so that was a bonus! I rolled up some plain white onesies to stuff the legs of two sets of tights. You could use anything on hand to stuff the tights but I found the onesies worked great!Once you have the tights all stuffed, grab a onesie and put it on your baby. I grabbed a long sleeve black onsie I had on hand. Use the last pair of tights on your baby and before your snap the crotch together, lay the “body” of the stuffed tights on either side of them. One in the back, and one in the front. Sort of flop the extra sider legs to either side and snap the crotch of the onesie. This was plenty to hold her extra legs onto her, however if your little squish is crawling or walking you might need some safety pins! There you have it, Spider Baby! The legs made for some excellent chew toys as well. Win-Win my friends! Want some more easy DIY baby costume ideas? Check out my previous posts: Strawberry, Sushi Roll, Little Old Lady and Pineapple! I can’t believe I only have two more costumes to share with you guys! What has been your favorite so far? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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Cheap and Easy DIY Baby Costume: Pineapple

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Look at that happy little pineapple!

Welcome back! It’s day four of my full week of Cheap and Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Babies! If you missed the first three days you can catch up her: Strawberry, Sushi Roll, Little Old Lady. I am excited to share this easy-as-pie little pineapple costume! It was one of the easiest I made this year, and looks so stinkin’ cute on her! I started with a plain old yellow onesie. I liked this one because it was adjustable. I made this costume during a growth spurt so it would be great if you’re making the costume a little ahead of time and want to make sure it will still fit! I purchased some yellow felt in a similar shade of yellow. Using sharp sissors I cut the felt into little squares. I lined these squares up on a diagonal along the body of the onesie. Once I had them lined up, I carefully attached the squares to the fabric with hot glue. It doesn’t have to be perfectly lined up or the exact same size, so dont worry! I trimmed the squares on the seams so they were just on the front. Next I grabbed my green felt and cut out long leaves. I used six of them, but depending on how big or small you make them you might need a different number. I lined them up along the neckline of the onesie. This was tricky to make sure the arm holes were not covered, and to see if the leaves would lay right on her neck. I ended up adding some leaves to the top of the sleeves to cover a little bit better. once you have it lined up, attach just the top of the leaves with hot glue. I tossed on a little green headband and that’s that! Easy and cheap is the name of the game for Halloween this year! What do you think of this little pineapple number?

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Cheap and Easy DIY Baby Costume: Little Old Lady

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Look at that grumpy little old lady! I know you’ve seen it done before, but here is our take on the grandma baby costume trend! There is something so funny about a baby dressed as an adult, right? The best part though, is it is so cheap and so easy to pull off! I bet you have most of what you’ll need already sitting in the closet!

The only real DIY element to this Halloween Costume is the “wig”. I used an old baby beanie as the base. I simply hot glued pom pom balls all around the hat so you could no longer see the fabric… thats it! I might suggest to pick a hat in a similar color to the pom-poms so if you miss a spot its not a big deal. I used¬†a grey hat with taupe pom-poms but white or grey would be super funny too!

Next, raid your closet for an outfit. I picked a simple dress and sweater. Just buttoning the top button instantly makes this outfit little-old-lady-style. I picked out socks that mimic mary jane shoes, and added a strand of large pearls for a finishing touch! Don’t be scared to try our other items too! A head scarf, glasses, or curlers would be great.

Add some finishing touches for your photo! My cousin made this beautiful blanket when Adaline was born. I stuck some chop-sticks next to it so it looks like she is knitting. Accessories make all the difference with this! If your kiddo is walking, make a little DIY walker. What other fun accessories culd you add to this baby granny look?

Last but not least- I want to share some bloopers with you! Why are these outtakes even funnier than the “real” one?! Grannies Gone Wild!After about 5 minutes with that wig on.. someone was not a happy camper! Too funny! Be sure to check out the other DIY Halloween Costumes I am sharing this week like this little Sushi Roll and Strawberry number. What are you having your little one dressed as for Halloween? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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Shopping List (Click the photo for link)

Baby Beanie- $3.00

Pom-Pom $4.00 per bag

Dress and Sweater- $15.00

Cheap and Easy DIY Baby Costume: Sushi Roll

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Hi there!

Thanks for all of the love for yesterday’s little Strawberry Costume! I am so happy with how it turned out, and excited that you love it too! As I said yesterday, I can’t believe it, but one of my favorite holidays is next week! Every year my mom would make us our Halloween costumes. It was great and she was amazing at it. I really want to keep this hand-made Halloween costume tradition alive now that I have a little one of my own. I had so many ideas for what I want Adaline to be, but quickly realized I only have a year or two before she will be telling me what she wants to be. I couldn’t decide on just one costume, so I opted to make a full weeks worth for your baby-viewing-pleasure!

My goal was for these costumes was to be inexpensive and easy to do- think no-sewing for $20 or less!¬† I had a million and one costumes I wanted to make for my little nugget, but settled on having a full weeks worth. For day #2 I present to you: BABY SUSHI ROLL I want to squish those fat legs while I chow down some sashimi now.. This costume might look a little intimidating, but trust me, you can do it! I started with a plain-old white onesie. This will act as the “rice” to your sushi. I went to Hobby Lobby and got my felt for 33 cents each sheet. You’ll need 1 cream color, 1 orange, 1 grass green, 1 lime green, 1 salmon and 1 black. Using a pencil I sketched the fish shape onto the cream felt. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a work of art. Once I had the cream background cut out, I sketched the other fish parts onto the orange felt. I cut these out and used hot glue to attach them directly to the cream. Next I used the sheet of grass green felt to cut a zig-zag shape that will become the faux plastic grass that always comes with your sushi! Once I had the zig-zag shape, I trimmed three to four lines in each “peak”. Next using the black felt, cut out a long rectangle to mimic the seaweed on the sushi roll. Place your “fish” onto the center of your onesie. Using a small amount of hot glue (while the baby is NOT in it!) attach the fish. Next, line up the black rectangle to cross over your fish and end at the side seams of the onesie. Once it is trimmed and lined up, use the hot glue to attach. Now, line up the faux grass to the side seams and attach to the onesie. Lastly, I used the lime green and salmon colored felt to create the wasabi and ginger. Using the hot glue, I slowly balled up a small square of the flt in each color. I attached them to the black seaweed band on the sushi. They would also be really cute attached to a headband!

Well, that’s a wrap on this sushi costume…. pun intended. The total cost of this little gem was $3.98! Can you believe that! What costume is your little one going to wear this year? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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Shopping List:


White Onesie: $1.98 each

Assorted Felt: $6.99 (6 sheets used out of 50 sheets)

Cheap and Easy DIY Baby Halloween Costumes: Strawberry

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Hi there!

I can’t believe it, but one of my favorite holidays is next week! One of my fondest memories growing up is my mom hand making my Halloween costumes every year. I’d tell her what I wanted to be, then BAM! She’d whip up an amazing costume. She was like magic. I look back now so impressed with what she came up with. I really want to keep this hand-made Halloween costume tradition alive now that I have a little one of my own. I had so many ideas for what I want Adaline to be, but quickly realized I only have a year or two before she will be telling me what she wants to be. I couldn’t decide on just one costume, so I opted to make a full weeks worth for your baby-viewing-pleasure!

I wanted to keep these costumes simple, and almost more importantly CHEAP. No one wants to spend $50 on a infant Halloween costume. My goal was for each costume to fall under $20 or hopefully way less. The first costume I want to share with yo guys is this little squishy strawberry!

I started with a red baby onesie. The cheaper the better for this, because you will not be able to reuse it. Next, I rounded up some colored felt. Check out your local craft store for this one. I got mine from Hobby Lobby for 33 cents a sheet! You’ll need two sheets of green and one sheet of pink. Using very sharp scissors, cut long leaf like shapes out of the green felt. Hold them up to the onesie to check the scale of the leaf.¬† I aimed for the leaf to reach 1/3 the way down the onesie. Once I had one leaf just right, I traced the rest. I ended up needing 7 leaf cut outs for the shirt and 7 for the hat. I carefully lined up the leaves along the neckline of the onesie. I made sure to curve the leaves to fall along the shirt sleeves so it did not get awkward when she was wearing it. It is easiest to line them up while the baby is wearing it to get good spacing. Next, I used a hot glue gun to carefully glue the top of the leaves to the neckline. HOWEVER, do not glue while the onesie is on the baby! Hot glue is no joke and you don’t want to burn your little squish! After my onesie leaves were glued down, I turned my attention to the top of the strawberry. I used a white baby¬†hat as the base. I carefully lined up the leaves at the top of the hat and overlapped them slightly. Once all the leaves were on, I created the stem by rolling a long piece of the left over green felt into a cylinder. Using the hot glue, I attached the felt to the hat at an angle. Once the hat was done, I started to cut out the “seeds” of the berry. I used the pink felt (white would work great too!). I imagined cutting tear drop shapes for this. You’ll only need a few depending on the size you pick. 8 worked great for my little strawberry! Carefully hot glue them randomly around the onesie while it is not on the baby. Once all of the hot glue is cool, get your little berry dressed and see how it looks! My entire DIY Strawberry Costume cost me $16.14! So what do you think, will your little one be dressed as a little berry this year? Give it a go!

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Supply Shopping List:


Red Baby Onesie: $7.48
Green Felt: $.33/sheet (try a craft store too!)Pink Felt:$.33/sheet

White Baby Hat: $7.99

Monday Morning Coffee

Every week I ease into it by drinking coffee and getting inspired with pretty things online. Grab your cup and join me for this weeks Monday Morning Coffee.

While this post may contain affiliate links- As always, all of the comments and opinions in this post are my own.

I am always browsing the internet and Pinterest for inspiration. There are so many amazingly talented people out there, doing such big things. I love sitting back early on a Monday morning with my laptop, with my warm cup of (now decaf) coffee. I sit, relax and enjoy what everyone else has to offer for pretty things and great ideas. Sit back with me and see what is inspiring me on Monday Morning Coffee! Follow along on Instagram with the hashtag #ActuallyAshleyMMC and share your pretty things too!

One:Designer Becki Owens knocks it out of the park with this fresh and light Master bedroom. The photo above is from the feature in Good Housekeeping Magazine. I really love that bed, with the linen and nail heads! I am also swooning over the white shiplap ceiling!


Patti from Old Things New created this really beautiful Easter inspired center piece for her dining room table. Can you believe it is faux flowers?! Oh, and that urn! So pretty. I’ve used the same lambs ear and peonies in my own arrangements before. I am now itching to create something even half as beautiful as this!

Three:How genius is this DIY headband storage idea from Live a Little Wilder Blog? Sarah said her daughters headbands were getting out of hand- so she glues some clothes pins onto left over wood… simple solutions are the best solutions. I see this DIY in my future for our upcoming nursery project!


Source  Source

There is something on my mind lately that I just can not kick. Maybe it is the winter blues, and the urge for spring to hurry up already… but I want some live plants in the house, bad. I have plans of fresh herbs in the kitchen and beautiful flowers on my bedside table. Then, I saw a photo of the most beautiful tree plump with fresh fruit. Now I can not get a Meyer Lemon Tree off of my mind. Stay tuned for this one!

Thanks so much for stopping in this morning and checking out what has inspired me to get going this week. Remember to share your Monday Morning Coffee inspiration on Instagram by tagging #ActuallyAshleyMMC.

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Kitchen Update

Good Morning!

Thanks for checking back with me on the progress of our new home. We moved in over a month ago now, I can hardly believe it. September came and went in the blink of an eye.

Thank you for the wonderful feedback on the progress of our living room. It is nowhere near done, but it feels so good to see how far it has come over the last month! today I wanted to give you an update on how our kitchen is coming along. Remember, these photos are not going to be cute or pin worthy. Please don’t judge me!

We stayed in our house with the previous owners over the summer for a few days so they could show us around the area. They have been so wonderful to us and so very welcoming. Here is our kitchen before when we stayed with them (Sorry for the humans, they didn’t realize they’d be featured on the blog):

img_8089 img_8091

I knew right off the bat that I wanted to paint the cabinets. The dark wood with the dark counters felt so… dark. It needed to be lightened up a bit. I also hated the bulkheads. Especially the one floating in mid air above the countertop. I knew if we painted the bulkhead and the cabinets the same color throughout the rest of the kitchen it would make the ceilings feel taller without having the cost of buying new cabinets (aka the big bucks). We took on the task of painting these babies ourselves. Huge shoutout to my mom who lost a week of her life painting these with me- I love you, you’re the best. dsc_0562 dsc_0561We started by making a huge mess on the counters removing the doors and drawer fronts.¬†We laid them all out on the porch to sand and paint separately. We sanded each with 220 grit sandpaper then washed them with TSP. We propped the doors up on 2×4 so we could paint the edges. dsc_0593We decided to use the same bonding primer on the cabinets that we used on the walls. It took 3 coats of primer and 2-3 costs of paint to get the dark wood fully covered. dsc_0583 dsc_0585I also took this as my chance to¬†remove said bulkhead above the counter, rip out the cabinets and bulkhead above the stove and take out the backsplash beadboard… and really piss off my husband. We’d decided to paint and not do anything else for a bit. I got ahead of myself on this one. ¬†dsc_0589Its not pretty, but its progress. The kitchen looks amazing with the cabinets painted white and even kept the same hardware. dsc_0612I want to add a decorative range hood over the stove top, with floating shelves on either side to house our every-day-dishes. This is the closest thing I could find that kind of get the idea across:Floating Shelves, Concrete Counters, and Marble Herringbone Backsplash || Studio McGee:


So now the debate is on to find the right backsplash tile that has the look¬†we want but the price point we can afford. I picked up a few options from Lowe’s and Home Depot. img_8752I love the look of the white/grey marble mosaics but these four options got the boot because they all run from $10-$15 per square foot. We’ve got some ground to cover¬†so that number has to be cut in half,¬†yikes.

dsc_0613These two options are from Floor and Décor. They are between $6-$9 per square foot but are much smaller scale than the pervious options. It hard to tell but the actual individual tiles are less than 2 inches long x .5 inches. It seems so tiny on such a huge wall.

I’ve ordered a few more choices. I’ll hopefully find one that is perfect in both style and price here shortly!So that is where we are at!

We still need to:

  • Build a DIY faux range hood with under mount light. The stove top has a built in fan so we do not need it to be anything more than pretty
  • Find and install the marble mosaic backsplash.
  • Hang new light fixtures. I’ve had two electricians in here this week to get me quotes. I’d like to add some recess lights and hang oversized pendants over the “island”.
  • Find and install a new faucet. I’d like something a little bit more modern-farmhouse style
  • Long term: Replace counter tops and install a farmhouse sink. That will have to wait a few more years.

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out the progress on the kitchen. Slow and steady wins the race, right? Right?!

Until Next Time,


Living Room Update: We Painted Everything..

Hey There!

Happy to be back to check in and let you know about the progress on our new home. If you’re new to the blog- My husband and I just purchased a new home. We moved from Washington DC to Columbus Ohio just over a month ago. The house was perfect and needed nothing done… but you know me… I decided that every room¬†needed to be painted, that we needed new lighting, and some minor demo in the kitchen.Actually-Ashley-Ohio-Home¬†We’ve been busy over the last few weeks but still have so much to do. I¬†am excited to start sharing our journey along the way.¬†Lets start with the living room! Let me warn you- these photos are not cute, not worthy of Pinterest, and just to show you where I’m at. Please don’t judge me too bad!

This is photos from the day we got the keys to the house:dsc_0547 dsc_0551 dsc_0553dsc_0549I love this space. It has beautiful trim details, large fireplace, and wonderful windows. But, the blue paint made the room feel so heavy. I decided to paint it. I feel like some white on the bottom of the walls will help lighten the entire space. We are lucky to have 4 beautiful windows that over look the garden, and the white paint will help to reflect the natural light. I opted to paint the top of the walls a light and airy blue/green color to add contrast and brightness.

¬†The house had all oil based paint, which if you’ve ever moved into a house with oil based paint, you know it is a nightmare. Every surface needed to be sanded, cleaned with TSP, two coats of bonding primer, three coats of latex paint… like I said, nightmare.

 Here is the room after a good sanding and cleaning with TSP:dsc_0581 dsc_0582Let me tell you, it feels so much happier being painted! We ditched the little dividers in the windows and just painted the window sills black. I am hoping it will be less harsh once we have window treatments. We dropped in our furniture and I tossed in some random accessories to make it feel sort-of-like-a-real-room. Here is the current state:dsc_0615 dsc_0614

So what’s left?

  • Swap out the sconces for something more our style. I am thinking something with a more sculptural aspect to it but haven’t found the right one yet.
  • Hang some curtains to add texture. I just followed this DIY Tutorial to make my own Lucite rods, I couldn’t be more excited for them to arrive. I really feel like they will add a level¬†of sophistication to the room.
  • Hang some artwork in the space. I have a bunch of stuff to play with, but I am waiting to hang the curtains so I can get the right heights for the artwork.
  • Play with the accessories to make it feel like our home.. notice my huge pile in the corner? I said don’t judge me!dsc_0619That’s it for the progress update for the new living room. I’m so happy you stopped by. Feel free to check out my Pinterest and Instagram to see all of the house progress!

Until Next Time,


Wedding Planning: Wedding Photos

Get the scoop and sources from our rustic lake side wedding in Crozet, Virginia

Welcome back! Thanks for being so patient with me as we take a break and move into our new home in Ohio. It has been a whirl wind month filled with demo, packing, unpacking, sanding, priming, painting and a lot of mystery bruises. I can’t be the only gal ut there that gets about 5 bruises a day while doing any sort of project, right? Anyway- the house is moving a long and I cant wait to share some progress updates with you all. Until then, I want to share the final post from our wedding Planning Series.

Brian and I feel so blessed to have had our dream wedding day last May. We opted to go against the grain and have a very small, private and DIY wedding. We rented out 8 cabins around a lake in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Crozet, Virginia. We kept it simple by only inviting our parents, siblings, grandparents and my two best friends. We hosted all 20 guests for a three day mid-week wedding. We enjoyed going to wineries, breweries, hiking, fishing and tons of family time. It was such a relaxing week, filled with so much joy and love. Our wedding was truly a reflection of what we enjoy, and I am so happy we decided to get married in our own way.

We stayed at Montfair Resort Farm, which is a family owned and operated property that operates as an eco-friendly and rustic destination for vacations and events. We rented out their entire property for three days allowing each guest to have a beautiful rustic cabin to stay in. Our guests arrive on Tuesday, where they found custom DIY welcome baskets in each cabin. We¬†held a “welcome dinner” that night, which was made my Brian’s brother who is a chef in Pittsburgh. After dinner, we enjoyed a big bonfire besides the lake.

We held our wedding ceremony the following day at a scenic overlook on the property. We woke up early and decorated the isle ourselves, and put up the alter decorations. It started to rain while we were decorating the alter, but we finished up laughing about the downpour. I distinctly remember my friend Becca saying to me “A wet knot is harder to untie than a dry knot!”

We retreated from the rain to our cabin where I did my own DIY hair and makeup surrounded by my mom, and soon-to-be sisters and mother-in-law in our cabin. We laughed, ate and enjoyed the morning together. Brian’s mom made our wedding cake, and we decorated the cake together that morning. Once the rain subsided we made a break for it and had our ceremony just as the fog began to lift over the mountains. Everything was so green and lush after the morning storm, and was the most beautiful backdrop as we said “I do”.

After our short and sweet ceremony, we took photos around the property with the ever so talented Lauren Nevoid, who took our engagement photos earlier this year. Lauren had such great visions on how to transform the surroundings for such breath taking photos. My favorite photos are of us canoeing after the ceremony on the lake.

Later that evening we hosted our “reception” at a local restaurant a few miles away in Charlottesville, Virginia. C&O restaurant was fantastic, and allowed us to rent out the art gallery next door for a private dining room. It was so nice to be able to have all 20 of us sitting down at one table to enjoy such a beautiful meal together. After dinner everyone returned to Montfair, where mostly everyone changed into more comfortable clothes. We then returned to the lake front to cut the cake and enjoy a huge bonfire.

Having only our family as guests made it so easy to be calm and flexible that day. I couldn’t be more excited to share these photos with you guys!¬†Sicher-2Sicher-9Sicher-55Sicher-56Sicher-13Sicher-16Sicher-18Sicher-15Sicher-27Sicher-34Sicher-42Sicher-47Sicher-48Sicher-52Sicher-53Sicher-60Sicher-61Sicher-71Sicher-68Sicher-74Sicher-124Sicher-125Sicher-127Sicher-133Sicher-142Sicher-149Sicher-154Sicher-97Sicher-98Sicher-100Sicher-116Sicher-118Sicher-121Sicher-103Sicher-104Sicher-129Sicher-163Sicher-167Sicher-168Sicher-174Sicher-176Sicher-177Sicher-180Sicher-181Sicher-184Sicher-188Sicher-194Sicher-200Sicher-207Sicher-210Sicher-218Sicher-219Sicher-221Sicher-224Sicher-226Sicher-228Sicher-229Sicher-232Sicher-234Sicher-237Sicher-243Sicher-254Sicher-268Sicher-274 Sicher-288 Sicher-290Sicher-279Sicher-312Sicher-325Sicher-351Sicher-369Sicher-401Sicher-395Sicher-413Sicher-415Sicher-419Sicher-421Sicher-425Sicher-428Sicher-430Sicher-433Sicher-439Sicher-440Sicher-444Sicher-445Sicher-449Sicher-455Sicher-457Sicher-459Sicher-464Sicher-466Sicher-469Sicher-473














































Sicher-652Sicher-664 Sicher-665Sicher-663 Sicher-682 Sicher-677 Sicher-672 Sicher-667 Sicher-686Sicher-661 Sicher-657Sicher-655That’s a wrap! It is so nice to be able to re-live our wedding day by looking at these photos. I hope you were able to find some inspiration from our wedding as well! Let me know in the comments below if you’d like a specific source for anything ūüôā

Be sure to keep up over on Instagram and Facebook– I’ll be sure to share more images of the moving progress over there, as well as touch base with a post really soon!

Until Next Time,