Wedding Planning: Wedding Photos

Get the scoop and sources from our rustic lake side wedding in Crozet, Virginia

Welcome back! Thanks for being so patient with me as we take a break and move into our new home in Ohio. It has been a whirl wind month filled with demo, packing, unpacking, sanding, priming, painting and a lot of mystery bruises. I can’t be the only gal ut there that gets about 5 bruises a day while doing any sort of project, right? Anyway- the house is moving a long and I cant wait to share some progress updates with you all. Until then, I want to share the final post from our wedding Planning Series.

Brian and I feel so blessed to have had our dream wedding day last May. We opted to go against the grain and have a very small, private and DIY wedding. We rented out 8 cabins around a lake in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Crozet, Virginia. We kept it simple by only inviting our parents, siblings, grandparents and my two best friends. We hosted all 20 guests for a three day mid-week wedding. We enjoyed going to wineries, breweries, hiking, fishing and tons of family time. It was such a relaxing week, filled with so much joy and love. Our wedding was truly a reflection of what we enjoy, and I am so happy we decided to get married in our own way.

We stayed at Montfair Resort Farm, which is a family owned and operated property that operates as an eco-friendly and rustic destination for vacations and events. We rented out their entire property for three days allowing each guest to have a beautiful rustic cabin to stay in. Our guests arrive on Tuesday, where they found custom DIY welcome baskets in each cabin. We held a “welcome dinner” that night, which was made my Brian’s brother who is a chef in Pittsburgh. After dinner, we enjoyed a big bonfire besides the lake.

We held our wedding ceremony the following day at a scenic overlook on the property. We woke up early and decorated the isle ourselves, and put up the alter decorations. It started to rain while we were decorating the alter, but we finished up laughing about the downpour. I distinctly remember my friend Becca saying to me “A wet knot is harder to untie than a dry knot!”

We retreated from the rain to our cabin where I did my own DIY hair and makeup surrounded by my mom, and soon-to-be sisters and mother-in-law in our cabin. We laughed, ate and enjoyed the morning together. Brian’s mom made our wedding cake, and we decorated the cake together that morning. Once the rain subsided we made a break for it and had our ceremony just as the fog began to lift over the mountains. Everything was so green and lush after the morning storm, and was the most beautiful backdrop as we said “I do”.

After our short and sweet ceremony, we took photos around the property with the ever so talented Lauren Nevoid, who took our engagement photos earlier this year. Lauren had such great visions on how to transform the surroundings for such breath taking photos. My favorite photos are of us canoeing after the ceremony on the lake.

Later that evening we hosted our “reception” at a local restaurant a few miles away in Charlottesville, Virginia. C&O restaurant was fantastic, and allowed us to rent out the art gallery next door for a private dining room. It was so nice to be able to have all 20 of us sitting down at one table to enjoy such a beautiful meal together. After dinner everyone returned to Montfair, where mostly everyone changed into more comfortable clothes. We then returned to the lake front to cut the cake and enjoy a huge bonfire.

Having only our family as guests made it so easy to be calm and flexible that day. I couldn’t be more excited to share these photos with you guys! Sicher-2Sicher-9Sicher-55Sicher-56Sicher-13Sicher-16Sicher-18Sicher-15Sicher-27Sicher-34Sicher-42Sicher-47Sicher-48Sicher-52Sicher-53Sicher-60Sicher-61Sicher-71Sicher-68Sicher-74Sicher-124Sicher-125Sicher-127Sicher-133Sicher-142Sicher-149Sicher-154Sicher-97Sicher-98Sicher-100Sicher-116Sicher-118Sicher-121Sicher-103Sicher-104Sicher-129Sicher-163Sicher-167Sicher-168Sicher-174Sicher-176Sicher-177Sicher-180Sicher-181Sicher-184Sicher-188Sicher-194Sicher-200Sicher-207Sicher-210Sicher-218Sicher-219Sicher-221Sicher-224Sicher-226Sicher-228Sicher-229Sicher-232Sicher-234Sicher-237Sicher-243Sicher-254Sicher-268Sicher-274 Sicher-288 Sicher-290Sicher-279Sicher-312Sicher-325Sicher-351Sicher-369Sicher-401Sicher-395Sicher-413Sicher-415Sicher-419Sicher-421Sicher-425Sicher-428Sicher-430Sicher-433Sicher-439Sicher-440Sicher-444Sicher-445Sicher-449Sicher-455Sicher-457Sicher-459Sicher-464Sicher-466Sicher-469Sicher-473














































Sicher-652Sicher-664 Sicher-665Sicher-663 Sicher-682 Sicher-677 Sicher-672 Sicher-667 Sicher-686Sicher-661 Sicher-657Sicher-655That’s a wrap! It is so nice to be able to re-live our wedding day by looking at these photos. I hope you were able to find some inspiration from our wedding as well! Let me know in the comments below if you’d like a specific source for anything 🙂

Be sure to keep up over on Instagram and Facebook– I’ll be sure to share more images of the moving progress over there, as well as touch base with a post really soon!

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Wedding Planning: Save the Dates and Photo Books

Good Morning Loves!

This time last week, I was sharing our amazing engagement photos from the ever talented Lauren Nievod Photography. We are seriously so please with how the photos turned out, we couldn’t be happier. On the wedding planning front, we are moving onto the graphic design of the wedding. We need save the dates, invitations, programs, site maps… you get the idea. First up, we need to send out those pesky save the dates. We decided to incorporate our engagement photos into the cards! I turned to the always amazing designs from Minted. I’ve used Minted once before for our Christmas cards this year, and I loved the way they turned out. MIN-053-HPC_A_FRT source

I decided to turn back to them when we were designing our Save The Date cards. I knew Minted had a large selection of wedding items, but I didn’t realize how many different options they had! Not only save the dates, but menus, programs, invitations, table numbers… you name it, they have it. We narrowed it down to the Postcard Style save the dates. The actual postcards ten to be a tad bid cheaper and the postage stamps are less to, double win! I selected a design that I liked and started to play around with it. MIN-010-SPC_D_FRTsource

I dropped in some of my favorite engagement photos until I found the look that I wanted. I changed the color of the center box to be navy to better fit the overall color scheme of the wedding. I really love how the navy looks with these photos! Minted is so easy to make little changes to get the perfect card. I also played around with the back of the cards. I changed to verbiage to be exactly what we needed. Back-Of-Save-The-Date-CardsI love the way the cards turned out. They are perfectly suited to our wedding. Thanks to Minted for such great designs to choose from! Secondly, I wanted to create a photo book to have to look back at our engagement photos. For me, there is something to be said about photo albums.. Seeing them on Facebook or the computer is just not the same as a real live book. I enjoy looking back at my parents wedding album or my own baby book. I wanted to create a keepsake that would have the same meaning for my future self and family! I’ve used MyPublisher in college for a project that required a bound book. The quality was great and they had so many customizable options. MyPublisher is unlike other photo to book companies, in that you don’t just upload and hit “order”. With them, you download an easy to use software that allows you 100% freedom to design. I created a modern, clean lined photo book within an hours time. Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 12.33.52 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 12.33.43 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-25 at 6.59.14 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-25 at 6.58.59 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-15 at 12.34.05 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-15 at 12.34.21 PM

I created a 20 page book that is 15″ x 11.5″. I did this large size so that it can be mixed in with my coffee table books at the house. I even ordered extra copies for both of our parents because I loved the end product so much!  Thanks to MyPublisher for allowing me to be creative with my designs!

Wedding Planning: Engagement Photos

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Before I start this post, I need to do a public announcement:

1- If you hate Valentine’s Day and don’t want to see mushy-gushy-loved-dovey photos.. don’t go any further… That’s all I got today.

2- If you’re one of Brian’s friends, stop right there. For some reason, Brian thinks mushy-gushy-loved-dovey photos will hurt his street cred and his friends will make fun of him (side eye).. Please don’t tell him about this post so he won’t make me delete it. Please?

A few weeks ago Brian and I did an engagement photoshoot with Lauren Nievod Photography.  Lauren was fantastic in every way, shape and form. She was amazing at ‘coaching’ us, and making our natural movements seem beautiful and effortless in the photos. Somehow she was really able to capture how we really are on film and I am ever so grateful for how great of a job she did. We met Lauren at Sugarloaf Mountain in Maryland. The location boasted a ton of different areas and backdrops for such a wide range of scenes. All of the photos were take at the same general 2 mile radius within a 3 hour time frame, and only one major outfit change, amazing!
Ashley-Brian-Engagement-75Engagement Photos- Actually Ashley-4Ashley-Brian-Engagement-73Ashley-Brian-Engagement-118Ashley-Brian-Engagement-15
Ashley-Brian-Engagement-31Engagement Photos- Actually Ashley-3Ashley-Brian-Engagement-111Engagement Photos- Actually Ashley-2Ashley-Brian-Engagement-113Ashley-Brian-Engagement-84Ashley-Brian-Engagement-93Engagement Photos- Actually AshleyEngagement Photos- Actually Ashley-5Ashley-Brian-Engagement-157Engagement Photos- Actually Ashley-6

All photographs are taken by Lauren Nievod Photography, to learn more about her photos check out Facebook and her Blog! I can not rave about her enough! I also wanted to touch on the fact that while the above photos look like they could have been 5 outfit changes and multiple different days, with a few tricks you can also have such a great range with only ONE outfit change. Yes, I only changed my clothing ONCE!

Outfit Selection 1Look One:

On Him- Plaid shirt, dark jeans and a black coat, worn open for some photos, worn closed for others.

On Her- Red target sweater, dark jeans and a long necklace layered with a charcoal jacket. Make the most of this outfit by opening and closing the jacket!

Look Two:

On Him- Same plaid shirt, same dark jeans.. remove coat and layer with a sweater like this one from Banana Republic

On Her- The only outfit change of the day.. Same jeans, remove boots and add booties, switch to light colored sweater and statement necklace. Make the lost of this outfit by layering in accessories like a picnic basket, blanket or sign

Look Three:

On Him- Same plaid shirt, same dark jeans, same sweater.. simply add a beanie. You could also try adding a hat or scarf for a different take!

On Her-  Same jeans, same sweater, same booties and necklace.. again, just added a beanie and a navy coat for an entirely different look. It took 15 seconds to switch it up!Outfit Selection GroupWhat do you think of Lauren’s photos? Aren’t they fab! Leave me a comment below to fill me in on what you think!

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Exciting News!

Actually Ashley Engaged

We’re engaged!

Brian and I are both very excited to announce that we are getting married! I knew early on that he was something special, like we were made for each other. My weaknesses are his strengths and his weaknesses are my strengths. We simply complement each other. I have never felt more safe, loved and cared for than when I am with him. I am truly grateful for every little thing he sacrifices to make me just a little bit happier. I’ve never been more connected to someone else. He is my best friend. I can’t wait to start the rest of my life with you, Brian.

Actually Ashley- Brian and Ashley Actually Ashley- Brian and Ashley Actually Ashley- Brian and Ashley Actually Ashley- Brian and Ashley Actually Ashley- Brian and Ashley

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