Getting My Fix: Stitch Fix Review 10

While this post is sponsored by Stitch Fix – As always, all of the comments and opinions in this post are my own.

Hello Friends!

I am so excited to share with you some amazing items I received in my last Stitch Fix shipment! Last week my husband and I finally announced our very exciting news that we will be expecting our first child this summer! We are so excited for this big change in our lives. Speaking of big changes… my belly is steadily growing each week. While I forgot to change my profile before this shipment arrived, I made sure to update and notify my stylist for next month to receive their new Stitch Fix Maternity gear! They have also recently launched Stitch Fix for Men and Stitch Fix Plus Sizes! They seriously have something for just about everyone now! Some of you have been asking my how exactly Stitch Fix works… Well, I got you covered! First create an account here. Fill out the style profile and sizing information. The more specific you are the better! You can even add a link to a style or fashion Pinterest board to show them what you love.  Once you complete your profile, set up a date you’d like to receive your fix. A personal stylist will review all of that information and select five items they think you’ll love. If you download the Stitch Fix App, you can edit your profile and track shipments right from your smart phone. I love seeing this beautiful box on my door step! Your first fix will arrive right on schedule. Open up your fix and take a look! They provide you with detailed outfit ideas and a personalized note from your stylist. You’ll have time to try everything on and decide which items you’re going to keep. There is a $20 styling fee which will be deducted from your total if you purchase anything! In your package will be an invoice which lays out the price of each item. You only pay for what you’re going to keep. If you want to return anything, just package up the items in the prepaid packaging and leave it for the post man to pick up! Go onto your app or the Stitch Fix website to check out, give feedback and schedule your next fix. Easy as that!

Another question I get a lot, is what is the average price per item in my shipments? It honestly depends on the brands they send and the item. A nicer jacket or amazing denim will run around $60, while a cute top might be closer to $30. You can also give them a price point in your style profile! Now, onto my fix from this month!

1: 41Hawthorn- Ayesha Textured Button Detail Pullover- ReturnedLook at that little bump! This sweater was cute, and comfortable. I opted to return it because I have so many white sweaters already, but it was a good one! I paired it with dark denim jeans an camel colored boots.

2: Pixley- Abriella Waffle Knit Cardigan- KeptHoly cow, this sucker is so comfortable. Like, really really comfortable. Its a great neutral dark grey and has become a great item to throw on over a plain t-shirt to run to the store this winter. I kept the same dark jeans and camel boots for this look.

3: Loveappella- Evie Draw String Funnel Neck Sweatshirt- Kept

I was on the fence about this one, but my husband convinced me to keep it. Boy, he was right! This simple purple sweatshirt has become a weekly part of my new “comfort-is-key” pregnancy looks. It is soft, light weight and easy to throw on with jeans. I am so happy I decided to keep this one!

4: Mystree- Kotor Plaid Front Knit Top- ReturnedI really wanted to love this one when I saw it in my box. I really did. I like plaid, and the material was great! There was just something weird about the fit on me. I’m not sure if it was my growing baby bump or these weirdly large armpits.. but I had to return this one.

5: Toms- Classic Slip-On Flats- ReturnedMy stylist sent me this pair of red Toms. I love the idea of Toms, and the amazing things the company does. I know most people swear they are so comfortable and love theirs. They just seem to no have enough support for my taste. The canvas sides seem to rub slightly weird, and I do not like it. I sent this pair back because I knew I was not going to be wearing them too much.

Thats a wrap! Be sure to check out Stitch Fix if you’re interested! I love their services and would highly recommend it for anyone interested! Let me know what you thought of this shipment in the comments below. I love hearing from you!

Until Next Time,


How to style a blanket scarf

 How to style a blanket scarf four different ways plus coupon code to buy one for yourself!

This post was sponsored by Kelsey’s Kloset Boutique, but as always, all opinions are completely my own. As a thank you for reading, we are happy to offer you 10% off of your Kelsey’s Kloset Boutique purchase using coupon code AshleyLovesKKB

Good Morning Lovies!

It has been getting colder and colder here in Ohio. I’ve finally caved in and pulled out all of my winter clothing. I always try to hold onto my summer goods until the absolute last minute, but man, it been so chilly that I finally caved. While I hate giving up on my short sleeves and dresses, I must admit I am excited to get layering!

 I’ve recently found an amazing boutique clothing store in Baltimore, Maryland that has such great pieces called Kelsey’s Kloset. If you’re not in the Baltimore area, have no fear! They have an amazing online store too! Winter clothing is so great because in my opinion the more layers you add, the better the look. One easy layer to add to just about any outfit is a good scarf. Kelsey’s Kloset Boutique sent me one of their brand new blanket scarfs and I am head of heels in love with it. I wanted to share it with you and show you four simple ways I’ve been incorporating it into my winter wardrobe!actually-ashley-blanket-scarft-style-four-ways-coverLook Number One: actually-ashley-blanket-scarf-style-drape-shawMy first look is a blanket scarf draped over my shoulders like a shawl.  This is by-far the easiest style, and is so simple to do! Simply fold the blanket scarf in half into a large triangle. Drape the triangle over your shoulders for a casual look. Another great style tip- try tying the ends in front of your body for a slightly more polished version (this also helps to prevent the scarf from slipping or moving!)

Look Number Two:actually-ashley-blanket-scarf-style-traditional-wrapThis second look is a timeless classic. Like the shawl style, fold your blanket scarf in half into a large triangle. Place the center of the triangle at the nape of your neck. Wrap the ends around your neck, and allow them to fall towards the front. I like to “Fluff” my scarf so it lays in a nicer shape. I like to separate the center of the triangle after wrapping it to show more layers.

Look Number Three:actually-ashley-blanket-scarf-style-traditional-tuck-ends Like the traditional style before, wrap your large folded triangle around your neck just like look number two. Instead of allowing the ends to flow freely, tuck them under for a more tailored look! You can also loosely tie the ends underneath to prevent them from becoming visible.

Look Number Four:actually-ashley-blanket-scarf-infinity-styleI am a sucker for a good infinity scarf- and you can transform any normal scarf into one! Start this one with the large triangle. Slowly start at the tip and loosely roll until you get to the end. Wrap the scarf around your neck twice. Tie the ends into a small knot to secure. Tuck the knot under the other layers to hide it! Voila- Infinity Scarf!

What do you think! All four ways are so simple but create different looks. Don’t have a blanket scarf? No worries, Kelsey’s Kloset Boutique is offering all of my readers 10% off of their entire purchase. Yes, that is your ENTIRE purchase- not just blanket scarfs! Use the code AshleyLovesKKB at check out! Be sure to check out their other goodies!actually-ashley-kelsey-kloset-coupon-code-bannerHow do you style your blanket scarf? Be sure to share photos of yourself in your scarf on Instagram and tag @actuallyashleyblogs and @kelseysklosetboutique for a chance to be featured this upcoming week!  I can’t wait to see the fun styles you guys come up with!

Until Next Time,


Getting My Fix: Stitch Fix Review 9

While this post is sponsored by Stitch Fix- As always, all of the comments and opinions in this post are my own.

Every August my family takes a trip down to the shore. I love being on the beach and taking a moment to unwind and enjoy time with my loved ones. Its not too often that I get to spend multiple days in a row with my parents and brother, so it is always something I look forward to. This family vacation is also always something I look back on, as we create so many great memories. Last year we ventured out to Assateague Island.  Have you heard of it? It is a National Seashore Park where wild ponies roam free on the beaches. I know, cool right?! You can also drive your car right out on the sand and drive down the beaches for miles. We drove until we couldn’t see anyone else and set up our little “camp”. We saw a few ponies swimming in the ocean and walking the beaches. The island is such fun memory for my family. We are heading out for our family trip this week and I look forward to new adventures this time. My friends over at Stitch Fix are sharing a super fun summer bucket list challenge with 50 ways to create your own great summer memories! I know I will be checking a few of these off on our trip next week!


While you’re checking things off your bucket list, be sure to hashtag #StitchFixSummerStory and #contest with your Instagram photos all summer long to be entered to win a free Fix! How awesome is that?! Stay in touch over on my Instagram to see photos from our beach vacation, and see what items I am crossing off from the bucket list! Now onto my latest box from Stitch Fix! I was so excited to open this box!Actually-Ashley-Stitch-Fix

1: Loveappella- Zola Knit Dress- Returned
Actually-Ashley-Stitch-Fix-Zola-Knit-DressActually-Ashley-Zola-Knit-DressThis is a cute dress, and was so super soft and comfy! I ended up returning it because it felt a hair too short for me, but overall I loved the look! I paired this striped dress with a red bubble necklace that I got as a gift from my dear friend, Michelle and red pointed toe flats for a nautical look!

2: Mia- Britta Bow Ballet Flats- Returned
Did you guys know Stitch Fix added shoes?! How exciting! I got a pair in my last fix that I wear all of the time. I requested some nude flats a few fixes ago, and my stylist remembered! Unfortunately, I already found a pair on my own that I love so I returned these babies.

3: Kut from the Kloth- Jansen Linen Shorts- Returned
Actually-Ashley-Stitch-Fix-Jansen-Printed-ShortActually-Ashley-Jansen-Printed-Linen-ShortTruth be told, I have never felt more pale than I did wearing those shorts. Insert the ghost emoji here… I did love the cut and shape of these, and they had a elastic waist band which made them fit perfectly.. but I could’t get past the highlighter-lime-green-yellow color. I paired these with my Papermoon Stanford Mixed Material Top which made the color a little less jarring.

4: Crescent- Romee Scallop trim Chambray Top- Kept
Actually-Ashley-Stitch-Fix-Romee-Scallop-TopActually-Ashley-Romee-Scallop-Trim-TopThis is such a perfect summer BBQ top! I packed it for the beach trip so be on the look out for it on Instagram! It is a tad too big in the sides, but I am hoping a quick trip to the tailor will make it perfect. The scallop detail on the neckline was just too cute to pass up. I paired it with Target White Sandals and White Skinny Jeans with gold zipper detail.

5: Creative Concepts- Kaeli Eyelet Dress- ReturnedActually-Ashley-Stitch-Fix-Kaeli-Eyelet-DressActually-Ashley-Kaeli-Eyelet-DressLooking back at these photos, I am wondering if I made a mistake returning this dress. It was a great color and a nice shape. I love the detail in the neckline. I just already own a dozen coral dresses. With us moving in a few weeks, I am in a constant “purge” mode right now and sent this one back.

Have you signed up for Stitch Fix yet? Please share photos of your shipments with me, I love to see what everyone gets! Please feel free to follow along on my summer adventures as I check off bucket list items on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest! Talk soon!

Until Next Time,


While this post is sponsored by Stitch Fix- As always, all of the comments and opinions in this post are my own.

Getting My Fix: Stitch Fix Review 8

While this post is sponsored by Stitch Fix- As always, all of the comments and opinions in this post are my own.

Good Morning and Happy Thursday!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I can hardly believe we are into the second week of June already! It is really starting to feel like summer around here. We had a TON of rain around Washington DC in May. The weather is finally breaking and the ground is drying out.. meaning a little less muddy (thank goodness!). But enough small talk- Today is an exciting day, it is the first Stitch Fix Review I am posting after being made a member of the Stitch Fix Influencer Program! I am really excited about this sponsorship and the opportunity to post clothing reviews more frequently. I also get to share fun ways for us to all play along! Stitch Fix is sharing a super fun summer bucket list challenge with 50 ways to create great memories! Check it out:

What are your sweetest memories of summers past? Was it lazing away on the beach or building bonfires with friends? We bet you remember it all. Capture your summer moments using this bucket list with 50 ways for you to create new memories.


While you’re checking things off your bucket list, be sure to hashtag #StitchFixSummerStory and #contest with your Instagram photos all summer long to be entered to win a free Fix! Now lets get to my latest shipment! I requested summer shorts and fun flats. I have such a hard time fitting into shorts so I was excited to see what my stylist had in store for me!

1: Margaret M- Lea Printed Short- ReturnedActually-Ashley-Stitch-Fix-Margaret-Lea-Short


I loved these shorts! The small scale print and texture of the fabric was perfect! The shorts fit perfectly over my bottom and legs, but they were slightly high waisted. Around my waist they were very loose, causing the entire short to keep slipping down. I had to return these even though the style was a A+. I paired this with my Papermoon Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse, a necklace and flats all from previous Stitch Fix shipments!

2: Pistola- Elouise Rolled Cuff Short- ReturnedActually-Ashley-Stitch-Fix-Pistola-Elouise-ShortActually-Ashley-Pistola-Elouise-Denium-Short  I love cute denim shorts for a casual summer look. These would be great for picnics, hiking or to grab lunch on a summer afternoon. While I liked these shorts, they were very short on me. I tend to like my summer shorts to be a bit more modest so I opted to return these. I paired these shorts with a TJ Maxx found lace top and Target Flip-Flops for a casual look.

3: Pixley- Ellie Printed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse- KeptActually-Ashley-Stitch-Fix-Pixley-Ellie-Blouse

Actually-Ashley-Pixley-Ellie-BlouseI love how bright and happy this blouse is! The mint color is great for this time of year, and the cut of this top fit me perfectly! I love the little cuff detail on the sleeves as well. I layered this top with a long necklace like this one from Charming Charlies, nude pumps and dark skinny jeans.

4: Mia- Nona Laser-Cut Flats- KeptActually-Ashley-Stitch-Fix-Mia-Laser-Cut-Flat

Actually-Ashley-Nona-Cut-FlatsI am always searching for great flats. I do not want anything too flashy, but I like a little bit of detail on my shoes. These have that perfect amount of interest without being a statement. I am so excited that Stitch Fix has added shoes into their shipments. I love these!

5: Pixley- Corsega Laser-Cut Detail Blouse- ReturnedActually-Ashley-Stitch-Fix-Pixley-Corsega-Blouse

Actually-Ashley-Pixley-Corsega-BlouseThis top had some great details in the laser-cuts! It really is a beautiful blouse, but the color was a tad too bright for me. I wasn’t sure how often I would pick this out of my closet. I decided to return this one even though it was cute! I used my Kut From The Kloth Denna Skinny Jeans from a previous Stitch Fix and white sandals from Target to complete the look.

A big thank you to Nicole B, Heather R. and Kim O. for using my referral link to sign up for Stitch Fix! I hope you guys love their personal stylist service as much as I do! Please share photos of your shipments with me, I love to see what everyone gets! Please feel free to follow along on my summer adventures as I check off bucket list items on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest! Talk soon!

Until Next Time,


While this post is sponsored by Stitch Fix- As always, all of the comments and opinions in this post are my own.

Throwback Thursday: Stitch Fix Reviews

Throwback Thursday: Stitch Fix Review Feature and Becoming a Stitch Fix Influencer

While this post is sponsored by Stitch Fix- As always, all of the comments and opinions in this post are my own.

Good Morning Guys!

Welcome back and thanks for stopping by! I am excited to share another Throwback Thursday post with you featuring a fun Stitch Fix Review on their very own blog! I am also really excited to announce that I have recently been added as an official Stitch Fix Influencer with their affiliate program. This means Stitch Fix is a sponsor for the blog and allows me to tune in a bit behind the scenes.  I am so excited because this means I can share more amazing clothing items way more often with you! Win-Win! A huge thank you to Stitch Fix for making me an Influencer!

A few weeks ago I did a Stitch fix review and just found out that it was featured by none other than Stitch Fix themselves in April. Actually-Ashley-Stitch-Fix-Review-FeatureAnother big thank you to Stitch Fix for featuring my The Actually Ashley blog on their site, and I look forward to getting my next fix! If you’d like to see their post check it out here: Stitch Fix Review By Ashley

STITCH-FIX-LOVEAPPELLA-KALLIN-CONTRAST-KNIT-TOP-ACTUALLY-ASHLEY SKIES-ARE-BLUE-ASA-BLAZER-ACTUALLY-ASHLEYTo see my original review of these fun outfits and so many more great items, check out my post here: Getting my Fix: Stitch Fix Review 6

Thank you so much for checking in, and a big thanks to Stitch Fix for featuring my review on their reviews blog! Be sure to check them out for yourself, and let me know what you think of having your own personal stylist in the comments below! I’d love to see what you got in your shipments! Stay tuned for another Stitch Fix review- I requested summer shorts and shoes for my next fix!

Be sure to check out my FASHION // STYLE page on Pinterest to see what other items I am loving right now!

Until Next Time,


Getting My Fix: Stitch Fix Review 7

While this post is sponsored by Stitch Fix- As always, all of the comments and opinions in this post are my own.

Good Morning!

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend! After filing out our wedding invitations, I drove back home to see my family. My Aunt hosted a wonderful Easter lunch and we did an adult egg hunt! We do not have really any little ones left, as our youngest is a senior in high school.. so we have morphed the egg hunt tradition to adults. We fill the eggs with scratch offs, burt’s bees goodies, mini alcohol bottles, dollars, one use face masks, candy and other fun treats then the host hides them. All of the adults have a blast looking for the eggs and getting some fun goodies too!

But anyway, I am back with another Stitch Fix! You all know I love these things and can wait for the next one. I have requested some of their new shoes in my next shipment! I can’t wait to see what they send 🙂

1: Pixley Millie Textured Dress- Kept

PIXLEY-MILLIE-TEXTURED-DRESSThis was a instant keeper. I love the small honeycomb pattern in navy and white. It gives the dress a slightly nautical vibe! I also really like the mesh detail around the neckline. This jacket would be so adorable with a jean jacket and nude flats! I paired it with a red bubble necklace (similar) and red pointed toe flats (similar).

2: Papermoon Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse- KeptPAPERMOON-BASTILLE-TULIP-BLOUSE

This is such a great top for spring! It has an adorable sleeve detail that looks like a tulip, and the fabric is so light and airy. I was surprised at how flattering the color is on too! I paired it with dark jeans, the bracelets sent in this stitch fix shipment and a light blue statement necklace (similar).

3: 31 Bits Isla Medley Bracelet Set- Returned31BITS-ISLA-BRACELET-SET
I actually did like these little bracelets, but at a price tag of $38.00 for wooden bead bracelets…. I had to send them back. I felt like I could make these or find these for a way better price. I did love the bright colors though!

4: 41Hawthorn Rufus Crew Neck Blouse- Returned41HAWTHORN-RUFUS-CREW-NECK-BLOUSE

I kind of sort of regret returning this top… but not really. It looks so cute in the photos, but it was a weird scratchy material and it had a strange fit. It was rather large in the middle, but so tight around my hips. I did love the print and the black and white is right up my alley. I paired this top with a bold black and white statement necklace, jeans and black scallop flats from DSW.

5: Renee C Lyzbeth Crew Neck Top-ReturnedRENEE-C-LYZBETH-CREW-NECK-TOPThis was the first Stitch Fix item that I thought “Wow, I really don’t like that at all” even before I tried it on. Its a tad too boho for my own taste, I didn’t like the sleeveless tank style, and I really don’t like the way yellow looks on me. Even if I didn’t like the top, I paired it with a green army jacket and gold hoop earrings.

Well- thats my fix! I have to say this wasn’t my favorite of all fixes but I came out with a super amazing top and dress! If you want to check out Stitch Fix for yourself, click the link!

Until Next Time


Getting My Fix: Stitch Fix Review 6

While this post is sponsored by Stitch Fix- As always, all of the comments and opinions in this post are my own.

I get all excited and giddy when I see a Stitch Fix box on the door step! There is nothing like the thrill on seeing what my stylist has got in store for me.. okay, so maybe I am easily excited. But, it still love when I get a shipment! If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix yet, get out from your rock and go try it! Stitch Fix is the first fashion retailer to blend expert styling, proprietary technology and unique product to deliver a shopping experience that is truly personalized for you… and I simply can’t get enough. Today I am reviewing my 6th shipment. If you need to catch up on the others here are the links: Stitch Fix 1Stitch Fix 2Stitch Fix 3Stitch Fix 4Stitch Fix 5. Here we go!

1: Kut From The Kloth Denna Skinny Jeans- KeptKUT-FROM-THE-KLOTH-DENNA-JEAN-ACTUALLY-ASHLEYHow did the stylist know that my old white jeans were looking.. tired. I had just donated the old pair about two weeks before this shipment! How perfect. I paired them with a paid top like this and this pearl necklace (on sale now!).

2: Papermoon Holleen Keyhole Blouse- KeptPAPERMOON-HOLLEEN-BLOUSE-ACTUALLY-ASHLEYI love the loose flowing material and bright spring colors in this top! I paired it with dark jeans and a navy blazer like this one. After these photos were taken, I wish I would have worn a dark colored tank top under it, and not the white! Oops!

3: Skies Are Blue Asa Blazer- KeptSKIES-ARE-BLUE-ASA-BLAZER-ACTUALLY-ASHLEYThis blazer reminds me of being on a yacht. I am never on a yacht, but I still like it. I paired it with a textured white top and jeans.

4: Lovapella Kallin Contrast Knit Top- KeptLOVEAPPELLA-KALLIN-CONTRAST-KNIT-TOP-ACTUALLY-ASHLEYThis one is perfect. It is a soft cotton material, and has a cute trim detail on the bottom. This would be so cute tucked into a skirt for spring!

5: Skies Are Blue Pillsbury Shoulder Detail Tunic- KeptSKIES-ARE-BLUE-PILLSBURY-TUNIC-ACTUALLY-ASHLEYThis one was a tough one. I love the shape, color and should detail but the material.. meh. It is scratch and wrinkles so easily. I’m going to keep it and see how it goes!

Thats it for now! Stay in touch and leave a comment below! Be sure to check out Stitch Fix for yourself 🙂 Oh, and happy St. Patty’s Day friends!

Until Next Time,


Spring looks for a Business Casual Workplace

Good Morning Friends!Spring-Business-Casual-Looks.jpgI am so super blessed to have an amazing job with an amazing boss. He is so nice, that he lets us wear whatever we want to work. Jeans, fine. T-shirt, fine. Shorts, fine. Yoga Pants, fine. I mean we can wear whatever we want. This is all well and good (and makes for a super comfortable work day) but I almost feel like I am becoming too comfortable. You know the saying “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”? Its not like I am looking for a new place of employment or anything, but I just feel like being able to wear whatever is making me.. sloppy. I am going to try to kick my butt in gear for spring and work towards a more fashion forward workplace look. I have been all over Pinterest and my favorite blogs to try to inspire my new work look. I have rounded up my top 10 Spring looks for a Business Casual Workplace. Check out what is inspiring me:


How adorable is this simple and chic look from Cute & Little blog?! This look is so easy to recreate with a bold colored knit sweater, simple black & white striped skirt, nude pumps and a statement necklace. Cute & Little also added a fun blush colored bag and blush colored trench coat for the chilly spring mornings!

Citrus+and+leopard+outfit source

Forget the same-old pastels you’ve always gone to.. bold colors are always saying “Spring” to me. J’s Everyday Fashion got it right on the money with this fun outfit. This bright colored pencil skirt paired with a leopard printed silky top is perfection! The simple nude bag and belt add sophistication to the outfit. Are you scared of that lime? Don’t worry! This outfit could work with virtually ANY bright colored pencil skirt like this one or this one!

IMG_4232_1 source

I love how Hello, Gorgeous! used layers to create such an easy and fun spring look! The pop of mint in that silky top is so great! I love the grey sweater, dark pants, bold chunky necklace and fun bracelet she used to bring it all together. This is still such a casual look, but some how she makes it just the right amount of sophisticated to work in a “dress down” office or casual Friday at your firm.

15081134910_b9f66c44b6_b source

I love the “pattern play” that Extra Petite is doing with this outfit. The button-down gingham shirt goes so seamlessly with her leopard print flats! Its funny how just a simple skinny belt let makes all the difference with this look. She also is rocking the trench coat to stay dry in the spring showers, love!

lime and purple 1 source

I love how Sequins & Stilettos is mixing these two bold colors, yet the outfit does not seem overwhelming! She pairs a simple yellow pencil skirt with a beautiful floral patterned top and matching cardigan. She finished the look with neutral heels and a metallic belt for such an easy to recreate look!

24836946371_14e0f0f5a5_o source

So, I just found Extra Petite’s blog.. and I’m in love you guys! She is so stinking cute and puts together such fun outfits, I CANT STAND IT! After reading her post, I jumped online and purchased this amazing classic plaid button-down top and fun blue pencil skirt. She paired it with simple nude pumps for such an easy 1-2-3 outfit that is perfect for a casual business meeting or a dress down Friday at a more formal office!

01_20_SPR16_How-To-Wear-Blazers_02W3_v3_0043-1024x1024 source

This is an interesting combo for me. I love a good chambray shirt but have never thought of pairing it with a black blazer and printed skirt before! The chunky black heel and fun red bag really make this look work! This would be great to transition from work to happy hour too!

21424565700_b4c5e41be1_o source

Once again, my new favorite Extra Petite kills it with this super easy outfit. She used a loose and flowy black and white polkadot top and high waisted skinny ankle pants as the base, then adding in a navy bag and heels to complete this look. Perfection.

2828495d7a15815dc2d3b678ca69350b source

Can you believe this skirt is less than $30.00?! What a steal. I love this simple menswear inspired button-down and uber chic heels to create a simple and tailored look. She is carrying her neutral trench coat for those rainy days, so smart!

Mint,+baby+blue+office+outfit source
This is another simple pattern + color = spring combo! I am totally loving how J’s Everyday Fashion  used the mint color from the blouse to build on this outfit. She added a great solid cardigan and straight pencil skirt for the base, then added funky heels, nude bag and a simple necklace to complete the spring forward look.

Take Aways:

First take away is how easy it is to take a few statement items like a Pencil Skirt, Nude Shoe, or Tench Coat and repeat it into multiple different looks! After writing this post, I reflected on how many looks had the same similar “bases”.

Secondly, I love moving away from a pastel only mindset for spring, and introducing some more bold and saturated colors. 

Lastly, Anyone else notice that only two of my looks had flats? I need to suck it up and start breaking out the heels a bit more. Sigh.

Well, thats it for now! Check out my Pinterest FASHION // STYLE board to see more of what I am digging on right now! What did you think about my soon-to-be fashion forward spring looks? Let me know in the comments below.

Until Next Time,


Getting My Fix: Stitch Fix Review 5


While this post is sponsored by Stitch Fix- As always, all of the comments and opinions in this post are my own.

StitchFix Review Cover-Stich Fix review on Actually Ashley BlogsWelcome Back!

Have said it before, and I’ll say it again.. I love getting a Stitch Fix Shipment in the mail. I swear I must look like I am a five year old on Christmas morning when I pull up to the house and see that pretty box on the steps… Its the little things, right? If you’re new to the blog, welcome! I am always so excited to hear from new faces and get to know everyone! I’ve written about my Stitch Fix shipments before. You can catch up with the action here, here, here and here. If you haven’t heard of stitch fix:

“For busy women on the go, Stitch Fix is the personal styling service tailored to your taste, budget and lifestyle that helps you look and feel your best every day. Our goal is to make shopping fun, effortless and empowering for busy women on the go. We believe that if you feel confident in how you look, it affects your life in positive ways. From leading a meeting to laughing with loved ones, confidence has a way of boosting everything and everyone around you. At Stitch Fix, we’re here to make getting dressed simple and rewarding, so you can focus on being your best self.”

1: Absolutely Elberta Pointelle Detail Cowl Neck Sweater- Returned

Absolutely Elberta Pointelle Detail Cowl Neck-Stich Fix review on Actually Ashley BlogsAbsolutlely Elberta Pointelle Detail Cowl Neck Sweater- Stich Fix review on Actually Ashley BlogsThis was a cute white sweater that I paired with a gold and black drop gem necklace and skinny jeans. It is a perfect look for the holidays if paired with bright colored skinny jeans! To be honest, I am not a huge fan of cowl necks. Some people can really pull them off, but I feel like I am constantly adjusting them. I was also not a huge fan of the fit, it was a tad too snug so I had to return it.

2: Liverpool Anita Skinny Pants- Returned

Liverpool Anita Skinny Pant-Stich Fix review on Actually Ashley Blogs

These army green pants were so fun, but simply did not fit too well. I had bunching and pulling of the fabric in my *front* area. It they were a better fit I would have totally kept them! I paired the pants with sexy “biker” black heels, a black shirt and a vest like this one. 

3. Gorjana Teresa Mini Bar Studs- KeptGorjana Teresa Mini Bar Studs-Stich Fix review on Actually Ashley Blogs

I have been really into gold lately. From using it in my interior design work, to wearing it non stop.. I’ve been REALLY into gold. Needless to say these simple gold studs will fit perfectly in with my new favorite trend 😉

4: 41 Hawthorn Folbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse- Returned41Hawthorn Filbert 34 Sleeve popover blouse-Stich Fix review on Actually Ashley Blogs41hawthorn filbert popover blouse back-Stich Fix review on Actually Ashley Blogs

This was a hard one for me. On one hand the fit was great and t had this fun detail on the back of the sleeve! Love that! On the other hand, look at how easily wrinkled it became. Lord knows I don’t have time to iron before work so I knew I’d never be able to wear it… Back it went. I paired it with dark skinny jeans and fun camel colored boots.

5. Skies Are Blue Emira Faux Fur Collar Knit Vest- KeptSkies are Blue Emira Faux Fur Knit Vest-Stich Fix review on Actually Ashley BlogsOkay, this was hands down my favorite item of the bunch! It fit like a glove, and was right on trend with the faux fur that is everywhere right now. I went with dark jeans, my previous Stitch Fix necklace, my Blowfish Booties and a White Sweater I had on hand. This would also be so cute with a jewel toned long sleeved dress and pumps for a office holiday party!

Thanks so much for checking in! I hope you stop by again 🙂  If your’e interested, check out Stitch Fix and give it a try! I’ve loved it so far!

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Getting My Fix: Stitch Fix Review 4

While this post is sponsored by Stitch Fix- As always, all of the comments and opinions in this post are my own.

Hello Everyone!

I am so excited that the Holiday season is in full swing! We are working on getting out all of our decorations and setting up the tree! I am also so excited to have gotten another Stitch Fix shipment from my stylist! I always get so excited to open them to see what fun goodies are hiding inside. Stitch Fix is an amazing “personal stylist” service that sends you five items when you request it! You only pay for what you keep, if you don’t like anything you simply pay a $25.00 styling fee. If you keep all five items they give you an extra 25%!  Here is what I got:

1: Pixley Klamath Mixed Material Top- KeptTeal and Navy Mixed Material Top

I loved the bright colors and pattern of this tank top. I never really pick put these types of colors for myself so it is nice to have a little “push” from my stylist! I paired this top with a teal cardigan (similar) I already owned, black pumps (similar) and simple skinny jeans.

2: Fun2Fun Ritten Henley Top- KeptRed and White Ritten Henley Top

This is again, a pattern I wouldn’t normally pick while out shopping for myself. The fit is okay, but I wish it was a tad bit longer in my torso. Either way it was cute and different so I decided to keep it. I paired with with dark skinny jeans and some tan boots (similar or similar).

3. Kensie Rebekah Blazer- Keptkensie navy blazer

This is the most versatile item I got in this shipment! It is a simple navy blazer that is pretty structured. It is perfect to dress up or down at work. The sleeves show off a white and navy polkadot print when you cuff them! I paired it with these jeans and tan flats, this stripped top and floral printed scarf.

4. Pixley Martina Slub Knit Open Cardigan- Keptred open cardigan This is such a fun cardigan! The sides gather to create a faux pocket. It is perfect to hide cold hands on a crisp fall day! I paired this cardigan with a white blouse (similar), plaid scarf and these boots (similar or similar). Perfect holiday outfit if you ask me!

2 and 4 together

Here I paired the Fun2Fun Ritten Henley top and the Pixley Martina Slub Knit Open Cardigan! They look very cute together!

5: Moni Abstract Chevron Stud Detail Blouse- Kept
stud detail blouseThis was my favorite item in this shipment! The fit was dead on (x-small). I love the stud details both around the chest and sleeves. I love the dark chevron pattern. It almost comes off as a herringbone! Love, love love! I paired it with black riding boots and dark jeans. 

Thats my last fix! As always, I can not wait for the next one! If you don’t know about Stitch Fix yet, you can go back and read about my first few reviews here, here and here!

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